What Obama Will Not Say In MLK Speech

Today President Obama gives a speech to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s world-famous “I Have a Dream” speech. A few predictions:

After a brief revisionist-history lesson about the vaunted Dr. King, Obama will detail in brief the progress of interracial relations in America. At the start it will be a praising of “how far we’ve come,” but it will ultimately have resorted to a condemnation of white society for having not advanced far enough, which will provoke revivalist “amens” from the soul sisters in the audience. Empty words like “we have a long way to go” will be used by the President, and sycophantic words like “brilliant” will be used by the media.

Evidence for this “long way to go” will be presented in the form of the myth of 8-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was stalked at night in his own backyard by a white racist who pounced from the shadows and tied a noose around little Trayvon’s neck and strung him up on a tree branch, but was exonerated of all charges 16 months later by a jury who believed Trayvon deserved even worse. This tale will be paralleled to Emmett Till’s, who, it will be said, was lynched by racist whites for the mere fact of his being black, and not because he was believed, probably correctly, to have been a rapist.

Documentation of evidence for this “long way to go” will not include any story with the name Delbert Belton. It will not include the name Christopher Lane in any racial context, other than to perhaps say his murder by three blacks and Mulattoes was not racial. Obama will not tell blacks to get their act together; he will not tell them that they need to stop assaulting whites at 40 times the rate that whites assault blacks; and he will not condemn blacks for raping whites an average of 42 times per day, or once every 34 minutes.

He will not admonish blacks that their behavior gives a good excuse for people to be racist against blacks, nor that their behavior is indeed often what creates racists in the first place. He will not talk about the video of the sobbing 3-year-old white girl who was being pushed around by two pre-teen black girls and filmed by 12-year-old black boy Ray Wright, who posted the video on his Facebook with the caption, “When white people piss black people off part 1.” Obama will not tell the black crowd that that little 3-year-old white girl will probably grow up to hate blacks, and that she will be justified.

What Obama will do is detail how “both blacks and whites,” but by which he will mean solely whites, can advance MLK’s dream. The great irony of the whole sideshow will be lost on the entire crowd: that it is a black president (who, since he’s a Mulatto, would be called white if he were caught killing a white Australian for fun) giving a speech about the troublesome “anti-black” racism in the country whose citizens willingly chose him to lead them—and this, when two white people were the other choices.

The speech will conclude with a tying in of MLK’s “dream” with Obama’s own agenda (King would like Obamacare, he will again say), which agenda—irony of all ironies—is to sow the seeds of discontent among blacks in order to create more racial division. This is what has become of the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.