Obama Willing to Toss America to Wolves

President Obama, once again showing his contempt for the military and for Congress, warned this week that he will veto a national defense bill unless Congress removes funding for Guantanamo Bay, where the U.S. has been holding terrorists for years.

Congress can’t gather its spine to defund Planned Parenthood, but our president is willing to defund the military for the sake of a pet project on his leftist to-do list.

White House spokesmonkey Josh Earnest said that Obama would veto the spending bill “principally because … of the irresponsible way that it funds our national defense priorities, but also because of the efforts to prevent the closure [of] the prison at Guantanamo Bay.” Earnest added that Democrats would uphold a veto and the president would let military funding die.

The bit about irresponsibly funding our national defense is a head-smacker as well, particularly since Congress had to cobble together defense funding to get around Obama’s demands that sequestration cuts come mostly from the military in the first place.

At a time when Vladimir Putin is solidifying his hold on Ukraine and essentially invading Syria while threatening to move into Iraq, a country that we had left free and mostly stable under the previous president, we have a would-be emperor who cares more about terrorists’ feelings and cozying up to Putin and Cuba than he does about defending our country.

I can’t even be shocked any more at anything this president does. The disgust level is too high, both for him and for the Congress that allows him free reign to ruin and endanger the United States.

Some of that disgust has to be reserved for the voters and particularly the non-participating sheep of America who couldn’t care less about anything that happens in Washington.

There are people who believe Obama will seek a third term, against the Constitution’s 22nd Amendment.

I doubt it. Obama is more the smash and grab type, working to create chaos and leave behind a big mess to cover his exit. He’s not in this because he loves to rule but because he loves to be adored and to acquire things. The White House permanent staff should count the silverware when he and his mooching wife finally leave for good.

The fact that he’s willing to cut our military while Russia rises to world dominance, China threatens to expand its circle of authority and Iran is preparing for a huge military push in the Middle East just shows — for about the millionth time — that this president is no friend of America.

So what are you gonna do?