Obamacare Should Be Out Of Business Already!

The hits just keep on coming…

From Breitbart:

A new Gallup poll brings more terrible news for President Obama and his signature health plan, showing that only 22% of uninsured Americans intend to buy insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges.

One of the major selling points for using ObamaCare to disrupt our health care system (that polls showed up to 80% of Americans were satisfied with) was to insure the uninsured. But according to this poll, only a very small minority of that small minority is even interested in obtaining insurance.

Even more troubling is the realization that a month ago, that number was double; a full 44% of the uninsured said they would purchase insurance though the exchanges.

Over the course of a month, however, the reality of ObamaCare scared off half of that 44%. The high cost of premiums, the high deductibles customers have to pay regardless of any tax subsidy, and the unforgivable bungling of the rollout only discouraged those who we blew up a perfectly good health care system to help…

As of now, the poll shows only 18% of the uninsured have even tried to visit a marketplace website… [READ THE REST]

What if you created a product for people… and it turns out those people don’t want what you’re selling?!? In business, it would simply mean: You’re out of business!!

Can we please do that with Obamacare? We don’t want it… the uninsured don’t want it… in this case, the only reason to keep it, is if it really wasn’t created for the reasons used to sell it!!! Was it really only created by politicians, for politicians? Was it created–as many of us have long claimed–simply for the increase of power it brings to government?

Take Obamacare off life-support… NOW! Pull the plug and put it out of our misery!!