Obamacare Causes SeaWorld To Cut Employees Hours

Even though Obamacare has delayed the employer mandate from taking effect for another year, it seems that every day or so I hear about another employer reducing the hours of their employees so they don’t have to provide healthcare benefits.

The latest casualties are employees of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.  In addition to the world famous SeaWorld parks, the company also operates Busch Gardens and half a dozen other theme parks.  They currently employ around 22,000 people, 18,000 of which are part time or seasonal.

The new company policy will limit part time hours (currently 32 hours per week) to only 28 hours per week.  That may not sound like a lot, a cut of only 4 hours per week, but that four hours is a 12.5% cut in total income.  When you are only able to get a part time job to begin with, that’s a substantial cut, especially if you are trying to provide for a family.

SeaWorld did say that they do plan on hiring additional full time employees who will have benefits, but they did not disclose just how many positions that will be throughout their 11 locations.

It’s obvious to everyone except Obama and his loyal minions that the reason behind the SeaWorld cuts are directly due to Obamacare employer costs and fines.  Raffi Williams, spokesman for the Republican National Committee sent the following email to The Daily Caller concerning the SeaWorld cuts:

“The Obama economy is a part time economy due to Obamacare which punishes businesses for having full time workers.  Sea World is just the latest company to show the tangible effects of this disappointing trend. The government should be in the business of encouraging private sector growth, not stunting it with poorly conceived laws.”

Duncan Dickson, Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management said that there can be no other reason for lowering the cap for part time workers from 32 to 28 hours a week other than Obamacare.  He added:

“I hear my kids [students] talking about getting their hours cut. Everybody’s very attuned to the 30-hour thing.”

Millions of Americans have already had their hours and income cut due to Obamacare.  On top of that, they are losing their employer provided healthcare coverage.  The end result is that Americans are having their incomes slashed by as much as 26% and then being forced by the Obama administration to purchase their health insurance or be penalized by the IRS.

I just saw a report on the news a couple days ago that said in my area, the average cost of health insurance under the Obamacare exchange rate will start at around $200 a month for single person in the 20s; $400 a month per person in their 40s and over $600 per month per person in their 60s.  And that’s if you’re healthy.  If you have pre-existing conditions like I do, you are more likely to pay $700-$800 a month for health coverage.

We priced health coverage a year ago and for my wife it would have cost about $360 a month and I was deemed uninsurable due to medical issues.  Through the new exchange system, the cost for my wife will go up from $360 a month to $600 a month.  According to Democrats, this is more affordable.

How many seniors can afford $600-$800 a month for health coverage?  It will be cheaper to save up and pay the IRS penalty than it would be to purchase AFFORDABLE health care.  I for one cannot afford to pay $1,400 a month ($600 for my wife and $800 for myself).  That’s $16,800 a year.  Unless you’re in the 1% percent group, who can afford that?  I could buy a decent new car every year for that kind of money.

SeaWorld and other companies are being forced to take this kind of action in order to remain in business.  I predict by this time next year, we will see more families filing bankruptcy and having their homes foreclosed because they can’t afford Obamacare and pay their mortgages and feed their families. The poverty level will skyrocket and millions more Americans will be force to turn to the federal government for subsistence.  And once the feds have their hooks in you, it’s nearly impossible to get out.  Before long, there won’t be a middle class and our government will become the socialist regime that Obama has intended all along.