Is This How Obamacare Compromise Happens in GOP?

Obamacare compromise is one of the big things that conservatives need to watch for in this new Senate. Dr. Milton Wolf ran for the Senate seat in Kansas but Republican Pat Roberts won. I went to Roberts’ senatorial website and thought he had some good ideas (and some not so good) about healthcare.

But is Roberts the Senator planning on being the conservative that Roberts the threatened candidate sounded like? On his twitter account, Wolf posted an image of Roberts own claim while he was running and someone else’s tweet for him after he had won his seat:

pat roberts

I don’t think this absolutely proves that Roberts is going to be a turncoat on Obamacare. But it does show us how easily a politician could flip to the dark side if that’s where the incentives line up. That’s why it is important to keep up the pressure by phone calls and letters and showing up at any of the “town meetings” that Senators and Representatives hold for PR and photo op purposes.

John Boehner has made some promising statements about Obamacare repeal (though I think he’s leaving the door open to the possibility of doing less than we might hope). It shouldn’t surprise any of us that the kind of people who succeed in politics are those who are firm in their convictions that they must navigate according to the political winds. The only thing we can do is try to generate as much political wind as possible. Those in office now must be reminded that, they might be once again facing a conservative challenger when it comes time to run again. If they act right while in office they can neutralize a growing groundswell of discontent.

I dearly hope Pat Roberts is getting a flood of angry email and regular mail about this seeming change of heart so that he will be motivated to publicly avow that he still wants to repeal Obamacare.