Obamacare & Conscience: Christians Now Facing Fundamental Challenge

It’s a small sin. Go ahead… no big deal. Go along to get along.

Only a small pinch of incense. Just a few, harmless words: “Caesar is Lord.”

Nope. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

The Daily Signal comments, “Obamacare Anti-Conscience Mandate: Court Says Being Complicit in Sin Isn’t a Sin.”

as First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh writes:

[T]he question isn’t whether a judge or jury agrees with a person’s claim that a law [that] requires him to engage in behavior is sinful—it is whether the person sincerely believes that the behavior is sinful. Likewise, when the person believes that complicity itself is sinful, the question is not whether our secular legal system thinks that he has drawn the right line as to complicity; it is whether he sincerely believes that the complicity is sinful.

But the Sixth Circuit found this matter distinct from “how the regulatory measure actually works.” The court claimed that the act of self-certifying doesn’t trigger coverage of objectionable drugs and devices, because “it was already triggered by the enactment of [Obamacare].” That claim is mistaken, since the regulation mandating this insurance coverage came a year after Congress passed Obamacare, and the accommodation was promulgated well after that.

Instead of construing the regulations, the court was actually passing a judgment on the Catholic groups’ religious belief—and that’s exactly what RFRA is supposed to prevent. As another appellate court wisely highlighted in another case challenging the Obamacare mandate, the government “purports to answer the religious question underlying these cases: Does providing this coverage impermissibly assist the commission of a wrongful act in violation of the moral doctrines of the Catholic Church? No civil authority can decide that question.

More than 100 lawsuits on behalf of over 300 individuals, nonprofits, and for-profits have been filed challenging aspects of the Obamacare anti-conscience mandate. And on New Year’s Eve, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted an emergency injunction to the Little Sisters of the Poor in a similar case challenging the so-called accommodation. Their case is still pending before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

If the government can compel you to act against the commandments of God, by definition it has become an idolatrous tyranny. This is not unique in history—rogue governments have declared themselves and/or their leaders “divine” for thousands of years.

But the followers of the One True God have always said: “Not gonna bow. There exists an Ultimate Sovereign who commands my obedience, and you’re not Him.”

What will your actions declare about you?

We need to pray. Hard. The storm is upon us.