Obamacare: The Dictator Enabling Act

From NRO’s The Corner:

Yesterday evening, Politico’s Blake Hounshell asked this question on Twitter:

The short answer — this week — is this, from the Washington Post:

The Obama administration is considering an extension of the president’s decision to let people keep their individual insurance policies even if they are not compliant with the health care overhaul, industry and government officials said Thursday.

Avalere Health CEO Dan Mendelson said Thursday that the administration may let policyholders keep that coverage for as long as an additional three years, stressing that no decision has been made. Policymakers are waiting to see what rate hikes health insurers plan for the insurance exchanges that are key to the overhaul’s coverage expansions.

“The administration is entertaining a range of options to ensure that this individual market has stability to it, and that would be one thing that they could do,” he said.

To put it bluntly, this is illegal. “Prosecutorial discretion” is one thing; completely ignoring a part of what the Left is awfully fond of describing as “the law of the land” is quite another. And make no mistake: that is what the Obama administration is considering doing once again – usurping the power of Congress and rewriting the rules on its own.

It is simple sociological fact: The more lawlessly the Executive acts, the more lawlessness will spread through the entire nation–people learn by example, and our leaders are providing one of the clearest examples in our history that “law is what I say it is.”

The Bible talks of such times when “every man did what was right in his own eyes”–i.e., a law unto themselves. In case you don’t know your history from the Old Testament book called “Judges” let me make it simple: those were not good times.

Obamacare has become more of an enabling act than a statute — a general writ of permission for the executive to tinker with the country’s health insurance system and to attempt to inoculate himself and his party from dealing with the consequences of their governing decisions.

And our own Mark Horne from December and October of last year:

…that “flurry of sometimes-confusing administration rule changes” confirms what I have said before, that the Affordable Care Act is not even really a law.

People act like the government is so competent and careful. But this whole “system” is being made up as they go. Remember, the Affordable Care Act is not even a real law: it is more like a commission to the bowels of the Health and Human Services bureaucracy to defecate pounds of pages of new regulations every year. So while the Obamacare law is the size of a telephone book, the regulations that have already been written are at least the size of a stack of telephone books piled eight feet high.

Notice that no one is proposing definitive, objective, laws that will result in justice. That is not possible. All people can do is propose the invention of a new dictator who will somehow be more successful or at least more trustworthy than Kathleen Sebelius.