Obamacare an Economic Failure for the Middle Class – USA Today

Naturally the newspaper did not admit that they were telling us that Obamacare is an economic failure. They didn’t mention Obamacare at all. But that is what they ended up saying anyway.

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The (hidden) admission occurred under the depressing headline: “7 things the middle class can’t afford anymore.”

The middle class has certainly changed. We’ve ranked a list of things the middle class can no longer really afford. We’re not talking about lavish luxuries, like private jets and yachts. The items on this list are a bit more basic, and some of them are even necessities. The ranking of this list is based on affordability and necessity. Therefore, items that are necessity ranked higher, as did items that a larger percentage of people have trouble paying for.

The seven items on the list are:

  • Vacations
  • New vehicles
  • Paying off debt
  • Emergency savings
  • Retirement savings
  • Medical care (!), and
  • Dental work

Here is what is written about medical care:

Medical care is a basic necessity and something we’d think would be affordable for someone earning a middle income. A Forbes article published data indicating that workers in large companies — many of whom are members of the middle class — “face nearly $5,000 in premiums, co-payments, deductibles and other forms of co-insurance.”

During the past few years, these costs have had a large impact on working Americans. A report by Feeding America found that a shocking 66% of households say they’ve had to choose between paying for food and paying for medical care — 31% say they have to make that choice each and every month.

I suppose someone will point out that there is no mention of Obamacare, but isn’t that the point?

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We are now in the second year of the most dramatic Federal intervention in the economy in living memory. This was presented to us as a necessary move to save healthcare and “provide access.”

So why report on medical expenses for the middle class without mentioning the Affordable Care Act?

Obviously, it hasn’t made a positive difference. At the very least, all that legislation is not doing a thing to make medical care more affordable to the Middle Class. (In fact, it is really making medical care more expensive for consumers and causing new fees to be imposed on them.)

So USA Today reports on medical expenses as if Obamacare never happened because, if defined by its promises, it never did happen.

Of course, the other amazing thing about this article is that it reports all this economic bad news without bringing up the current White House regime at all. If a Republican was President right now, I doubt such a report would fail to mention his responsibility. I am sure Obama supporters are still blaming Bush. That excuse is getting old.

Welcome to the Obama economy.