Obamacare Fail: Not One Person Signed up In Louisiana

Obamacare hasn’t progressed as the liberals anticipated—kind of like global warming. Day one of Obamacare may have seen a few interested people logging on to their respective state’s health insurance exchange websites and “shopping” around for policies, but very few actually ended up taking the plunge and signing up.

And also like global warming, the numbers have to be inflated to make people believe that Obamacare’s first day was a resounding success. In California, it was initially reported that their exchange website Covered California received over 5 million hits. But, as it turns out, it was more like 500,000 unique visitors. Remember that the IRS is going to be the Obamacare enforcers. And that IRS official Lois Lerner a while ago admitted that she “wasn’t good at math?” Well, I guess these Obamacare people in California can’t even count. They didn’t know the difference between 5 million and 500,000. [For our California readers, 5 million has 6 (six) zeros, and 500,000 has 5 (five) zeros.]

Apparently, Louisiana had a total of zero people sign up for Obamacare. The National Review reported:

 “Louisiana’s top health-insurance provider said that not a single person enrolled in a new health-care plan offered through the Affordable Care Act on its first day. An executive with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana told the Times-Picayune that the agency was unable to sell the plan because customers were unable to access the HealthCare.gov website due to its website’s sluggishness. “It was not as intense as we had anticipated,” the company’s vice president of communication said of the company’s sales. He urged supporters and critics, however, to “take a deep breath and relax” and assured them that the website would eventually allow consumers to enroll in a plan. According to the newspaper, the company spent $60 million in preparation of the October 1 rollout, but the website continued to stall on the day of its rollout. One interested applicant spent five hours trying to get onto the site, but eventually resorted to calling a customer-service representative and was told she would receive plan options via e-mail. The other Louisiana companies offering plans available through the Affordable Care Act said they are still waiting on numbers from the program’s first day.”

When they say they’re “still waiting on numbers,” I think that means they didn’t sign anyone up either.

As for the rest of the states offering Obamacare through their respective exchanges, many of them were signing up less than 1% of their web visitors. As far as we know, Kentucky saw the highest conversion rate of around 5%.

The White House isn’t releasing official numbers of applicants, because…wait for it…the Republicans shut down the government, so the numbers are “unavailable.” That’s just their excuse for now while they think of a way to convince people that Obamacare’s first day was a resounding success. Maybe they’ll borrow McDonald’s slogan:  “Billions and billions served.”