If Obamacare Is So Great, Why Are Dems Begging For A Lifeline At SOTU?

Obamacare is supposed to be this great game changer for the United States. And it is! But not the way that the Democrats promised. One sign that all is not well is the concern being shown about how Obama addresses the Affordable Care Act in his State of the Union message. Thus, Politico.com:

This time, President Barack Obama is going to have to actually talk about Obamacare in his State of the Union address.

No more touch-the-base-and-keep-running treatments, the way he’s handled it the past couple of years. This time, he’ll be expected to linger on base a bit, at least long enough to acknowledge the launch of the biggest domestic achievement of his presidency — and do it in the least awkward way possible.

That’s the consensus of Democratic strategists, health care experts, pollsters and crisis-management experts, all of whom will have reasons to listen closely when Obama brings up the health care law on Jan. 28. It will be Obama’s most high-profile address since the clunky rollout began, and although it has come a long way since the worst days of October, it’s still not enough for him to say, “Nailed it.”

You think?

Why does Obama need “crisis-management experts”? Surely, since Pelosicare is the law of the land now, there is no need to worry that it might get repealed. One might get the idea that, even though everyone has assured us that the Affordable Care Act is working, it is actually in crisis.

Instead, Obama will have to find an uplifting message about the law that doesn’t imply that everything’s suddenly back on track. The most he can say, based on the latest developments, is that “it’s moving back toward the track,” said Len Nichols, director of the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics at George Mason University.

So this law, which was supposed to make us all better off, is in fact still a massive liability for the President, requiring special spin at the State of the Union. He needs to overcome with his mouth a series of problems that his actions have caused:

The early sign-ups in the exchanges may not include a lot of actual uninsured people, although some have probably been added through Medicaid. Insurers are still waiting for the “back end” of the website, the part that handles their payments, to be built.

And HealthCare.gov’s Facebook page is loaded with complaints about enrollment problems, like customers who say they couldn’t get any proof of coverage from their insurance companies, couldn’t get coverage for their kids or are bouncing back and forth between the website and insurance call centers to try to resolve errors.

The Politico story doesn’t even mention the impoverishment problem.

Nor does it deal with the fact that millions no longer believe Barack Obama knows what he is doing or understands what he is saying.

Obama is basically being asked to hypnotize the population. The media will do their best to assist, but I think we are going to discover that even the power of Obama’s mouth has limits.