Under Obamacare, Hospitals and Courts Overrule Parental Authority

Parents be warned!  Under Obamacare guidelines, doctors and hospitals can usurp your parental authority, dictate what medical treatment your child will get and if you don’t like it, they will have your child taken away from you, and in some cases the courts are siding with the hospitals.

Jacob Stieler, son of Ken and Erin had cancer as a young boy and was treated.  At age 9 he had been cancer free for a year.  With no signs of cancer on any tests, the state ordered Jacob to undergo another round of strong chemotherapy.  There was no need for the chemo and some doctors even said it could do damage to the boy and possible be fatal, but the state insisted that this was the mandated treatment under Obamacare guidelines.  When the parents refused the dangerous chemo treatments, the state threatened that they would charge the parents with medical neglect.

Sammy Nikolayev made national news at 5 months of age when he was forcibly taken from the arms of his mother by a squad of armed police.  Sammy’s mother Anna was uneasy when a doctor at a hospital told her that Sammy needed surgery.  She told the hospital that she wanted a second opinion and took Sammy to another hospital to be checked.  The second hospital said that Sammy did not need surgery and prescribed treatment.  Doctors at the first hospital were insulted that Anna would take her son elsewhere and they called social services and the police and had Sammy ripped from the arms of his mother.  Eventually, Sammy was returned to his parents, who will never trust doctors, hospitals, police or social workers ever again.

Jodi and Scott Farris were excited over the birth of their child. They planned on using a midwife and having a home birth.  When Jodi went into labor early, the midwife called for an ambulance and she was transported to the local hospital.  The attending doctor said the baby girl was very healthy and scored APGAR test.  Shortly thereafter, nurses tried to give the baby some injections and when Jodi asked what it was, they gave her the run around.  Jodi told them to stop until she knew what the injections were and then she would determine if she wanted them given to her baby.  Not long after, a second doctor told her that the baby was quite ill and then a staffer informed her that they baby had to stay in the hospital for the next 48-72 hours.  One staffer told Jodi they were required to keep the baby for 48 hours.  Then a social worker came and told Jodi they were launching an investigation and if she didn’t cooperate that the police would be called in and the social worker would assume custody of her baby.  Later, Jodi learned that the staff had given her baby the injections that she had refused to allow.

Now another case has surfaced where parents have lost parental control of their child thanks to the new medical world of Obamacare.

Sarah Hershberger is a 10 year old Amish girl who has leukemia.  Last spring, her parents agreed to a two year treatment that included chemotherapy at Akron Children’s Hospital.  After her first round of chemo, some of her tumors had disappeared, but not all of them.  When Sarah started her second round of chemo this summer, it made her sicker than the leukemia did and she begged her parents to stop the treatments.  Each dose of chemo would basically wipe her out for over two days.  Eventually, Sarah’s parents agree to stop the chemo and told the doctors that they wanted a second opinion and then opted to seek treatment through a wellness center with natural medicines.  Under the new treatment, Sarah seems to have a lot more energy and acting more like a normal girl.  The children’s hospital then took legal action insisting that it was in the best interest of Sarah to resume the chemo therapy that made her so ill.

In July, a county judge in Medina, Ohio ruled against the hospital and said that the parents had the legal power to make the medical decisions for Sarah.  That didn’t set well with the hospital and they appealed the decision of the county judge.  Earlier this week, the appeal court upheld the hospital’s appeal and ordered the county judge to reconsider his earlier decision.  John Oberholtzer, attorney for the Hershberger family said that the appeal court decision is basically telling the county judge to disregard the rights of the parents.  Unless they appeal to a higher court, Sarah will be forced to return to the children’s hospital and resume the chemo that makes her so ill.

I also see the court’s decision telling anyone, especially parents that they are not allowed to get a second opinion or seek any other type of treatment except what the doctor’s in the hospital prescribe.  I’ve seen and been involved in too many cases where doctors make a wrong diagnosis or prescribe the wrong treatment.  For example, two and half years ago, my daughter had a pituitary tumor removed.  She was treated afterward by an endocrinologist who kept admitting that she wasn’t sure what the best treatment was to get the pituitary working again or what hormones need to be replaced artificially.  Nearly a year later, my daughter learned that the endocrinologist had put her on a strong anti-cancer drug, even though the tumor was NOT cancerous.  The anti-cancer drugs destroyed all of the cartilage in her knees and now she walks bone on bone which is very painful.  When she learned about the anti-cancer drug she stopped taking it and quit seeing the endocrinologist.

Doctors are not always right in their diagnosis or treatments.  That’s why they call it ‘practicing medicine,’ and not the exact science of medicine.  But from decisions like those of Sarah Hershberger, Jodi Farris’ baby, Sammy Nikolayev or Jacob Stieler, we are going to see a lot more people misdiagnosed and mistreated under Obamacare and if you don’t like the treatment, you may well lose custody of your kids and be forced to accept treatments that could do more damage than the illness.  Parents will no longer have a say over their child’s medical care, as it will all be up to the doctors, hospitals, courts and the guidelines of Obamacare.