Obamacare Hostages Do Not Justify the Program

Obamacare hostages are the few people who were uninsured until Obamacare was implemented, but they don’t negate the extensive damage that has been inflicted.


We constantly hear from the administration of some (small) number of people who have allegedly benefitted from the Affordable Care Act. In the meantime, one of my friends in the Philadelphia area reports that his rates are rising by 29 percent. Another in Nashville says his rates are going up by 32 percent. That jives with my own experience. And the insurance is worse than what I used to have.

Basically, the few who weren’t insured and now are insured are Obamacare hostages that are being used to prevent any attacks on the program. The media is all too willing to cover up the Affordable Care Act’s problems. They might mention them, but they don’t track them or review them.

The Washington Times published an editorial that reviewed many of the problems that we now have, five years later, with the program. Logan Albright writes of five major ways in which Obamacare is hurting the poor, but he lists more than five.

Yet the Administration refuses to back down from this monstrosity. My prediction: The Republican candidate who promises to abolish Obamacare is going to win in the polls (which is probably not the same as getting the nomination).