Obamacare Is a Dictatorship, not a System or Law

The Affordable Care Act established a dictatorship more than a system of rules.

With the waivers and the other alterations, delays, and other changes made in Obamacare, this is really not surprising. But I think the news about birth control really illustrates the issue even more plainly. As the Washington Times’ report says it plainly in the headline: “HHS rewrites Obamacare rules: Orders free birth control for all.”

So that’s it. Orders have been given to you by your government. So you’re job is to obey your master.

I remember somewhere reading an explanation of the difference between communism and fascism. Under communism all the business owners were shot. Under fascism, all the business owners who did not obey were shot.

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If you didn’t know we lived under fascism, maybe this new encroachment of it will wake you up.

The Obama administration on Monday ordered all insurers to provide IUDs, the contraceptive patch and other birth control free of out-of-pocket charge to all women, thereby rewriting the rules after reports that some insurance carriers were refusing to cover all types of contraceptives.

Insurers must now cover at least one brand of contraception in each of 18 different methods outlined by the Food and Drug Administration, such as one type of oral contraceptive pill, one version of the emergency contraceptive morning-after pill and, notably, the vaginal ring, which some women could not get before without paying out of pocket.

We had a lot of debate about free birth control a couple of years ago. Did anyone tell us then that HHS had the authority to simply order the nation’s insurers to do it and that the insurers had to comply?

Of course, a bunch of politicians immediately accused the Obama Administration of not going far enough in ordering Americans to do their will.

In New York, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman called for his state to go even farther, proposing legislation that would force insurance companies to pay for men’s sterilization procedures.

Oh, pleeeeease, Schneiderman! Proposing Legislation is soooo “old republic” these days. Passing a law using a legislature promotes the passé notion that laws are supposed to be made by elective representatives of the people. Your legislators don’t want that burden! Conflicting opinions just gum everything up. You’re supposed to get the legislature to pass a law giving complete law-making power to a bureaucracy under the control of the imperious executive. Try to keep up!

Of course, HHS does magnanimously leave some freedom to make decisions to insurance companies:

Insurers can in some cases still impose costs to prod women to use generics rather than brand-name drugs under the new guidance…

But then even that window to the sunlight seems too bright for our Washington masters:

…but if a doctor or hospital recommends a particular drug or contraceptive device out of medical necessity, the plans must cover them without additional cost.

I just had a loved one require a major medical operation in order to reduce fluid on his brain. We were waiting nervously and praying that the insurance company would agree that the procedure was appropriate. Think about all the people dealing with life-altering matters trying to get their insurance to approve… And this is what the Obama Administration cares about. Making sure women don’t just get birth control, but that they get brand name birth control.

I know Obama just started his own “charity,” My Brother’s Keeper. It would be interesting to know how many pharmaceutical companies have made generous “donations” to it.

By the way, whenever you hear Liberals screech about how “corporations are not people,” remember that this is why. They want the government to control every area of life while denying that they are enslaving people. So naturally, if corporations are not people, then no amount of control counts as controlling people. They can regiment everyone through corporations and deny they are doing it.

We will end up with the freedom to speak but have no technology on the market that will allow our voice to be heard, with a right to bear arms that are too expensive for us to own, and a right to be secure in our persons while companies are forbidden to provide us with technology that protects our privacy.

Final thought: How soon before HHS orders all insurance companies to give out free abortions? You know it is only a matter of time unless we restore the Republic.