Obamacare is Killing a Mother with Multiple Sclerosis

Once again another person loses their great plan that cost them little and gave them value. They are left only with plans they can’t afford and which cover less than the less expensive plans they had.

Her letter to Concerned Women of America was printed in the Life News site. It reads in part:

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the fall of 2010, and diagnosed with severe Osteonecrosis in the spring of 2013. I have been through two relapses that left me in the hospital over three weeks. I have had two surgeries, one plasma exchange, monthly infusions, IVIG treatments, intense steroid treatments, and the list goes on — all to help me maintain quality of life. I easily incur over $350,000 worth of medical bills per year. My insurance coverage has been a blessing from God. Without it, I would have not been able to afford the treatments or care I routinely require. I would not have been able to live to the standard of living I am now. Insurance to me was not just for your yearly checkup, it influenced the longevity of my life.

When I received the letter informing me my coverage was ending, I started reading further to see what options I was going to have. The only instruction the letter gave me was to log onto www.healthcare.gov. Wow, that gave me as much hope as staying dry in a rain storm without an umbrella. I still to this day have not even been able to log on to that train wreck of a website to even see what it would offer me. I waited for four hours, five different times just to try to log on. So, on to plan B. I tried researching and comparing rates with other insurance companies. If I tried to find a comparable plan to what I had, my monthly cost went from $325 to now over $1,000; that was just a quote. I was told I should expect that cost to go up. Remind me again how ObamaCare was supposed to help so much with preexisting conditions? I wish I could say how wonderful it is that now I cannot be turned down by any insurance company, but what does it matter if I cannot afford to pay the new premiums? I HAD affordable health care. Now, I don’t have any health care coverage, with my only option being insurance I cannot afford.

I know I have five more IVIG treatments coming up over the next six months that cost $40,000 each. My insurance coverage ends in December, and I have to have these treatments. As a mother with a brand new baby, it’s a little unnerving to know that I may not be able to receive the care I need. It’s a little unnerving to know my health insurance that was working just fine for me was taken from me. The doctors I have used for years that have kept me this healthy will be taken from me.

The Affordable Care Act is a death sentence for some people. You can talk all day about the people who have been helped but, even if those stories are true and not false propaganda, those people should have been helped without jeopardizing the lives of others.

Obamacare is the death panel.