Obamacare Plans Make You Subsidize Abortion

You subsidize abortion through your payments to your health insurance provider? Oh, gee… the President lied… again.

Such a shocker.

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As the Daily Signal informs us: “How Obamacare Forces You to Subsidize Plans That Cover Elective Abortion.”

Throughout debate and final passage of Obamacare, the president and liberal allies in Congress assured the American people that the expansive healthcare law would not fund elective abortions.

“[U]nder our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions,”President Obama declared in 2009.

Today, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirms that’s just another broken promise.

Do these people ever stop to think that they are totally delegitimizing government authority—damage that will endure for generations? Such blatant deception creates a cynicism that fosters lawlessness and indifference that further threaten the survival of the Republic.

The GAO identified 1,036 Obamacare exchange plans across the country that cover elective abortion while remaining eligible for taxpayer subsidies. As Heritage Foundation and others predicted when Obamacare was passed, federal taxpayers in all 50 states are now footing the bill for subsidies for the purchase of health plans that cover abortion.

These are not simple peccadilloes—these are heart issues for the nation.

Someone in leadership needs to speak up and say this kind of lying will not be permitted to stand, and then pass penalties that put teeth to that statement.

Many individuals and families who would otherwise object to paying for abortion coverage may not even be aware that they’re signing up for a plan that includes elective abortion.

This year, in five states, (Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont) there are no abortion-free plans offered on the exchanges. In 15 other states, where between 2 and 98 percent of exchange plans include elective abortion coverage, individuals will have to wade through summary of benefits materials, insurers’ websites or call individual insurance issuers to figure out which plan is abortion-free.

Even then, the GAO report shows, as many as “[e]leven issuers indicated that consumers shopping for [exchange plans] do not have access to such information.”

Obamacare makes everyone into an accomplice to mass murder. I’m sorry, what is it you’re concerned about today that is more important than that?

Nothing Al Qaeda or ISIS could ever do to us would be worse than what we deserve.