Obamacare Transgender Nightmare: Increase Your Risk, Then Demand Lifestyle Subsidies

ProPublica gives us a glimpse of the insane pseudo-justice that infests Obamacare:

Last spring, Jennifer Blair, a 62-year-old aspiring therapist who lives in Denver, noticed the kind of changes in her breast tissue — rapid, abnormal growth on one side of her chest — that would frighten any woman and alarm any physician.

Blair didn’t have health insurance, but because she didn’t earn much money, she qualified for Colorado’s state-run Women’s Wellness Connection program, which funds free mammograms through Planned Parenthood and other health-care providers.

Or so she thought. Blair was born a male, undergoing gender-reassignment surgery a decade ago. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which pays for the mammogram program, requires clients getting free screenings to be “genetically female.”

And it gets more bizarre from there. It is a human right that government welfare services intended for women designed to keep them alive also be forced to pay for men who have elected to mutilate themselves, take estrogen, and dress like girls.

Notice the casual cruelty that is never questioned: By insisting on consuming limited resources, Blair is leaving fewer breast mammograms for real women. And this disgusting misogyny is discounted as beneath consideration.

It’s a considerable conundrum, given the complicated medical issues many transgender people face. In Blair’s case, these include exposure to large amounts of estrogen, the side effects of which have been found to include an elevated risk of breast cancer and life-threatening blood clots…

Adding to the complexity, transgender people still require the same kinds of medical care as they did before gender reassignment — pap smears for genetic females, for example, and prostate exams for genetic males. Transgender men can still get breast cancer following mastectomy or ovarian cancer if they haven’t had their ovaries removed; transgender women can still get prostate cancer.

This can be hard for providers and insurers to wrap their heads around, according to advocates. Once transgender people go through reassignment surgery, their sex change is marked in their medical records, and insurers often don’t want to pay for tests and treatments pertaining to the sex that a patient used to be, advocates say. In fact, people fortunate enough to have insurance through their jobs frequently discover that the fine print of their coverage explicitly bars paying for cross-gender medications or care.

That’s what happened last spring, when Aetna initially denied coverage for a New Jersey transgender woman’s mammogram. The company later backed down and apologized.

So these people knowingly put themselves at additional medical risk and the taxpayers or the insured are supposed to pick up the tab. If an insurance company doesn’t think a man should get the additional coverage for a woman for free, then the “human rights” brigade will find a way to force them to apologize.

Obamacare gives these perverts new leverage. The Human Rights Campaign and the National Center for Transgender Equality wrote a letter “urging” Colorado to give mammogram’s to self-mutilated men “to bring the agency’s interpretation into compliance with Affordable Care Act guidelines that prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sex stereotyping.” Otherwise, the women-only policy

is clearly discriminatory, dangerous to the health of an at-risk population, inconsistent with prevailing recommendations for transgender health care and at odds with current federal policy ensuring access to care for transgender individuals.

The difference between men and women is discriminatory. That’s Obama nation medicine. Just add “euthanasia” and we can be just like Europe.