Obama’s Approval Rating Keeps Sinking

Remember the last couple of years of the Bush Administration, when the media wouldn’t stop harping on polls that showed President Bush’s approval rating among voters was low and getting lower?

You might not have known it from the near-total lack of coverage from the Left-wing press, but today President Obama’s approval rating among voters is worse than President Bush’s at the same point in his presidency.

In fact, only one president was less popular: Nixon.

According to a new Washington Post/ABC poll, only 43 percent of voters approve of the overall job Obama is doing. In the fifth year of his own presidency, Bush had 47 percent approval.

All other post-World War II presidents except for Nixon had above 50 percent. Nixon, who had Watergate dogging him, still clocked in at 29 percent.

But Watergate was just a scandal that stuck, that the media hammered on round-the-clock. Obama has at least a dozen scandals floating around his head, any one of which could at any moment impale him.

Also consider that Bush’s 47 percent was so low in large part because the media hated him with a passion, whereas even with the full support of the thrill-up-the-leg media behind him, Obama is just squeaking out a meager 43 percent.

The news gets worse for Obama because only 42 percent of voters in the poll support the way he’s handling the economy.

But there’s an even more important statistic buried in the poll. Predictably, the GOP in Congress is disapproved of by a whopping 73 percent of voters.

Despite that, Obama and congressional Republicans are tied at 41 percent each on the question of whom voters trust to handle the nation’s problems.

On the question of who voters trust to handle the economy, congressional Republicans beat Obama, 45 to 41 percent.

Polls in general are notoriously unreliable, but if the WaPo/ABC poll shows anything, it’s that the electorate is ready to hear some good ideas from conservatives, despite the media’s best efforts to demonize us.

There is an opening, created by Obama’s ineptitude and malfeasance, that it would behoove the nation’s conservatives to take advantage of.