Obama’s Budget Calls For Free Government Education For 4-Year-Olds

White House Spokesman Jay Carney claimed that Obama’s budget plan was so detailed that it would “blow your mind.” A little over the top, if you ask me. His plan doesn’t even leave the budget balanced. Well, not balanced in the way that normal human beings mean. I’m sure Obama would say that he took a very “balanced” approach when he helped formulate the proposal. In other words, he wasn’t just going to implement spending cuts across the board to bring expenditures down in order to balance the budget. That would be like sequestration, and we all see how “anti-government” measures like sequestration have destroyed jobs and the economy. No, Obama would have made sure to “balance” any fake spending cuts (cuts in proposed increases) with additional taxes. That’s his “balanced” approach. So, see? It’s a “balanced budget.”

One tax that he’s proposing in his budget is a cigarette tax. As we all know, smoking is bad for us. Like drinking sugary sodas in containers greater than 16 ounces. Hopefully, this cigarette tax will deter smokers from smoking so much. Or maybe it will just make more money for the feds. At least it will make liberals feel better about doing something about all those people who smoke tobacco, a plant heavily subsidized by the feds (the same people who claim to be so concerned with the smoking epidemic…put that in your pipe and smoke it).

In his budget proposal, Obama plans to use the funds generated by this cigarette tax to pay for government education for 4-year-olds. “Free” pre-school. Talk about a “nanny state.” He wants to invest now in these little kids so that we’ll have “smarter” people later to fill up all the jobs that he’s planning on creating someday. Here was part of his budget message on the White House website:

 “[T]oday, fewer than 3 in 10 4-year-olds are enrolled in a high-quality preschool program, and the high cost of private preschool puts too much of a financial burden on middle class families. The Budget therefore includes a proposal that ensures 4-year-olds across the country have access to high-quality preschool education through a landmark new initiative in partnership with the States. And it increases the availability of early learning for our youngest children to help their growth and development during the formative early years of life. Providing a year of free, public preschool education for 4-year-old children is an important investment in our future. It will give all our kids the best start in life, helping them perform better in elementary school and ultimately helping them, and the country, be better prepared for the demands of the global economy. Not only that, it could save hard-working families thousands of dollars each year in child care costs. This is an investment we need to make, and it is fully paid for in this Budget by imposing a new tax on every pack of cigarettes sold.”

So, he says that he wants to invest now so that these little kids will do better in elementary school and be more successful in life, blah, blah, blah. But that’s not really what this is about. This is all about the State claiming ownership over our kids. They want to start brainwashing them at the earliest possible time; during the “formative early years of life,” as Obama said. After they implement “free” pre-school for 4-year-olds, what’s next, free school for toddlers? And how long before they just take the child right when he’s born? Maybe they’ll at least allow parents to visit their own kids every once in a while, but even the most brief encounters with bad influences can have lasting and devastating effects on children.