Obama’s Bumbling Handing Egypt Over to Russia

So the great liberal hope, Barack Obama, who was going to bring peace to the world with a smile and an apology, has instead lost us the entire Middle East.

That’s what it’s looking like as the Egyptian military steps up and goes toe to toe with the Muslim Brotherhood’s church-burning, human-shield-using mob.

The death toll now that the army has begun using bullets is already around a hundred or more, and the military government is considering banning the Muslim Brotherhood.

That’s the same Muslim Brotherhood we helped install and the Egyptian people didn’t want, despite the stolen election liberals hailed as democracy.

Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have suddenly come to the side of those who want to cut off aid to Egypt, but of course that’s siding with the terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose ultimate goal is not just to rule Egypt or the Middle East but the entire world.

Thanks to Obama’s Muslim sympathies guiding U.S. foreign policy, that same world has now seen that America backs terrorists. Not just any terrorists, either, but the descendants of the same Wahabbist organization that was trained and employed by the Third Reich in World War II, the umbrella group for al-Qaeda, Hamas and all the others.

The Egyptian government — the military one — is now sending a diplomatic mission to Russia. China, too, has had diplomatic contact with the Egyptians. And Saudi Arabia has called on Muslims to support the military government  while our genius leaders waffle and think of ways to continue supporting the Brotherhood.

No matter the outcome, we’ve lost the Middle East.

Not only has Obama abandoned Iraq to fall back into factional violence, but he has handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban and Libya to al-Qaeda-linked mercenaries. He has turned Syria into a bloody tornado that is pitting us against Russia, and he wants to carve up Israel.

If the Egyptian military prevails, the Mideast will fall in line behind Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

If the Muslim Brotherhood prevails, they will backstab us at first opportunity and try to re-create a Muslim Caliphate that will link up with a nuclear-capable Iran and set its sights on the rest of the world.

The end of the story will be a Muslim unification, free of U.S. control, that could be a threat to the entire world, not just within its own region.

We had some control and influence in the region under President Bush. Obama and the liberals in both parties have thrown that away.