Obama’s Caliphate Getting Closer as 2016 Nears

If you haven’t seen the Dinesh D’Souza movie “2016: Obama’s America,” it’s a worthwhile watch. If you have seen it, now’s a good time to dust off the DVD and watch it again.

As we near the beginning of 2016, it’s more than a little unnerving to see D’Souza’s prediction about Obama working to create a new caliphate moving closer to reality.

Produced before the 2012 election, the documentary explores Obama’s life and motivations, then projects what the world will look like in 2016 if he were to win a second term, which of course he did, a little more than a year before D’Souza was indicted by the Justice Department for violating campaign finance laws. (Considering the actual crime — giving a friend money to donate to a political campaign — suggesting that D’Souza was targeted is a little like suggesting that the sun will rise tomorrow. This Administration has certainly spent less on bigger fish.)

In the documentary, the conservative author speculated that Obama picked up anti-American attitudes from his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, who according to the film grew to hate her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, when he took a job with an American company in Indonesia. Dunham’s first husband and Obama’s father became a sort of magical figure in the young Barack’s mind, praised by his mother for his anti-colonial attitudes.

Dunham, who was apparently an atheist, raised her son in a Muslim environment to act as a Muslim, according to the film, before handing him over to her parents in Hawaii, where he would fall under the influence of communist Frank Marshall Davis.

The film’s big theme is that Obama inherited hatred of America as a colonial power from his family and his exposure to the Muslim and communist worldviews, and that he acts out those feelings in a deep-seated, neurotic need for the approval of his dead father.

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In 2012, the documentary predicted that in 2016, Obama’s foreign policy will have led the world to the revival of the Islamic Caliphate, with solidly Muslim countries from North Africa to the Middle East and up into Turkey joining under a renewed global Muslim leadership that hasn’t been seen for most of a century.

At the end of June 2014, ISIS declared itself to be just that, the new Caliphate.

The world at large has not officially recognized that status, but ISIS since then has grown by leaps and bounds, making its presence felt as far away as Paris and San Bernardino, California.

The other part of the plan outlined by D’Souza was the Islamization of America by increasing Muslim immigration and by taking America down a few pegs around the world and at home.

As we approach 2016, America’s economic outlook has not improved significantly, and the White House is planning to bring in waves of Muslim “refugees” and tighten gun control laws, despite recent terror attacks. In addition, Obama stands ready to hand over U.S. authority to the United Nations under a “climate change” treaty that is guaranteed to wreck the economy for years to come if it is enacted.

The “Caliphate” that has taken shape in the wake of Obama’s foreign policy is distinctly Sunni and under the shadow of the Muslim Brotherhood, from Libya to ISIS. Syria, which is also majority Sunni, is nonetheless led by the Shia Bashar al-Assad, whom Obama has been trying to remove from power for years.

Iraq, before Obama abandoned it to the tender mercies of the Sunni ISIS, was majority Shiite with a Shiite-led government.

The other piece of the puzzle that stands out is Iran, which is majority Shiite. However, its soon-to-be-bomb-ready nuclear technology makes it a powerful player on its own, and the support of Russia ensures that no U.S.-backed rebellion will stand much chance there. Still, Iran seems to see Israel as its primary enemy, so it may be seen as a tool of convenience for the time being.

Israel is the last real roadblock to the Caliphate, being the only democracy in the region, and overwhelmingly Jewish to boot. If the documentary is correct and Obama truly sees his presidency as the window of opportunity for Muslims to take down Israel, next year is the appointed time.

The only thing really standing in the way of the completion of the Caliphate’s takeover seems to be, ironically, Russia. Vladimir Putin’s alliance with Shiite governments in Syria and Iran, and now his overtures to the desperate Shiite government of Iraq, are putting obstacles in Obama’s path.

Obama may have actually undercut himself by his many efforts to weaken America. As the United States’ power is perceived to wane, so does Obama’s influence. It’s a resource Obama has squandered since Day One of his presidency in his quest to resolve his daddy issues.

Now, Putin’s obvious Alpha male status on the global stage, combined with Obama’s perception as Beta — possibly Delta — is keeping the White House from sealing the deal on an Islamic Caliphate.

Whether that changes next year remains to be seen.