Obama’s Cronyism Leads To Oil Spill In Minnesota

I love the Law of Unintended Consequences that always comes into play whenever liberals attempt to do anything good for anybody. See, when they’re not outright trying to screw people over, liberals do sometimes actually try to help–and end up screwing people over in the process anyway.

Remember the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? You know, the one that heralded the end of drinking water, animal life, and Earth as we know it? The reason it took so long to stop the leak is because enviro-fascists insisted that the oil rig be so far offshore that if it did spill, it wouldn’t make the beaches ugly (and also because the rig itself was an “eye sore”). Well, when it did spill, it was in too deep of water to quickly stop the leak. Way to go, greenies!

A similar incident has occurred thanks to this Law of Unintended Consequences. A mile-long train transporting crude oil from Canada to the US has derailed and spilled 30,000 gallons of the black gold as it was traveling through Minnesota. A few insects will die from this, maybe a gopher or two, but I must laugh nonetheless.

What’s so funny about it? The reason the oil is being transported by train is because Obama and his liberal puppet masters refuse to allow the finishing of the building of the Keystone XL pipeline. They fear that oil will spill if they build the pipeline–you know, like what happened that one time when they didn’t build the pipeline and a train crashed and spilled 30,000 gallons of the stuff in Minnesota. Yeah, they don’t want that sort of thing to happen, so they’re transporting oil in trains that crash and spill 30,000 gallons of oil.

The other thing that’s funny is that trains release carbon dioxide, which the self-describedly science-oriented liberals consider a poison, despite its being the foundation of all life on Earth. Trains release more black smoke than stationary pipes do, anyway.

And the third reason this oil spill is funny is because the reasons we’re using trains–19th century technology–to transport oil is because Obama crony Warren Buffett owns the the rail system that will be doing the transporting. Yes, it was Warren Buffett’s train that crashed in Minnesota and gushed 30,000 gallons of Texas tea.

So in attempting to save the environment from oil spills, liberals elected to transfer oil with dirty technology owned by one of Obama’s biggest donors, technology which ended up spilling the oil they said they were doing all of this to prevent from spilling!

If only this Law of Unintended Consequences took effect when liberals try doing harm, good things might actually happen in this country.