Obama’s ‘Democratic’ Egypt Living Down to Expectations as it Enshrines Shariah Law

Every prediction conservatives have made — and the Left has deemed “paranoid” — about the results of President Obama’s “Arab Spring” uprising in Egypt is coming true.

The “democratic” revolution has been co-opted by the Muslim Brotherhood, who have sat back and laughed as Christians and other non-Muslims were being targeted for ruin, torture and death across the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, has given himself essentially unchecked powers.

And now the Egyptian legislature, after Christians, Jews and everybody else walked out, is being run by Islamists who have drafted a constitution that hews closely to shariah law. It took them all of a day to write the thing, almost as if they knew ahead of time exactly what to put in it. …

But I’m sure the White House still regards all this as “an internal matter,” as Jay Carney said, that just needs to be hammered out on the way to a sunshine-and-roses democracy.

In addition to the principles of shariah, the constitution includes a stunning, new, improved, shocking provision that Al-Azhar, the country’s leading Islamist institute, is to be consulted on all matters regarding shariah law.

And some people think the Muslim Brotherhood wants Egypt to be run by wacko clerics. …

The draft constitution will now be sent to President Morsi, who will no doubt approve, then be put up for a “referendum,” which I’m guessing will pass.

Even Al-Jazeera (which does a better job of covering the news than our media, by the way) is reporting this as the “Muslim Brotherhood Constitution.”

Sherine Tadros, who is a very brave or very foolish woman for entering Tahrir Square, has reported on large crowds engaging in sit-in protests. She reported that the protesters weren’t just upset about the content, but about the way the draft constitution was rushed through (kind of like Obamacare).

“For the people here at least, this consitution is tainted,” Tadros reported. “It’s not being seen as Egypt’s constitution, but as the Muslim Brotherhood’s constitution, and if at the end of the day the constitution is the foundation of a state, then, if this constitution is adopted, then we’re on very shaky ground in this country.”

A researcher for Human Rights Watch, Heba Morayef, said parts of the constitution resemble a penal code, particularly portions dealing with religion and speech.

One section limits religious practice to Abrahamic religions, which would make Baha’ism and other minority religions illegal. Baha’is have been the target of violence in many places throughout Egypt.

Morsi’s declaration last week stripped courts of many of their rights, particularly to review the president’s decisions.

Morsi has said he will give up his new powers when a constitution is ratified.

But don’t hold your breath.