Obama’s Gay Bully Brigade Is On The Wrong Side Of History

From the Washington Times yesterday,

With the Senate set to advance a landmark gay rights bill, the White House on Monday urged Republican critics in the House — led by Speaker John A. Boehner — to support the measure or risk being on the wrong side of history.

At least 60 senators back the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would explicitly prohibit employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual preference or gender identity. President Obama also has been a vocal supporter of the proposal.

With backing from the White House and key Republican senators, including Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, who announced his support Monday, the measure is posed to clear the chamber this week. An initial vote to clear the 60-vote threshold to avoid a filibuster is expected Monday evening.

The vote took place and the filibuster was avoided.

It is puzzling isn’t it?—to hear about a “gay rights bill.” What rights are being violated? The only thing that comes to mind are the same rights the government is violating for the rest of us. The NSA trashes the Fourth Amendment and is going after the First by making moves against journalists no matter what their sexual practices.

I don’t believe there is an inherent right to commit sodomy but, despite my opinion, anti-sodomy laws are gone in this brave, new millennium. So homosexuals don’t have anything to fear on that account.

What the Senators are claiming is that there is a right for homosexuals to demand that you hire them even if they violate your moral conscience. More than that, in this civil rights environment, that means they want to make sure every homosexual can harass and sue anyone who tells them that their lifestyle is a sin. This second right, which is coming in many ways at the state and federal level, makes hiring a homosexual an even greater risk.

Obama thinks that piling on more coercion and more control over the minutia of our daily lives and associations is progress. He thinks anyone who opposes such coercion is “on the wrong side of history.” But history is moving toward freedom, not toward coercion. Furthermore, as we see Western secularism at the verge of collapsing into a debt-apocalypse, I don’t think the secular pansexual vision is going to have much of a future.

Naturally, Obama appeals to past civil rights issues. Believing in the equality of all human beings regardless of skin color is supposed to mandate that men and women make interchangeable sex partners. That is an insane premise.

Furthermore, when society widely accepted racist beliefs, the government amplified that racism by its coercion. In the South, they imposed and mandated racist policies on businesses that had previously been color blind. A free people in a free economy tend to integrate, not segregate. The government switched sides after society had largely changed its mind. There is every reason to think that society would have marginalized and eliminated racial discrimination in public, without government coercion in the workplace.

So there is no reason to think “civil rights” laws will successfully legislate immorality. The government is declaring war on Christianity, several other religions, and much of traditional society in general. It is even including the ludicrous notion of “transgender” so that workplace restrooms will become sexual harassment nests as men claim they are “women” and insist on using the women’s facilities.

Boehner has sensibly opposed the bill. Encourage your representatives to do likewise. And find a real conservative to support for the Senate in your state. We need to clean the stupid perversity-promoters and market-interventionists out of there.