Obama’s Home State Projected To Be Last Among States In Job Growth For 2014

No, I don’t mean Hawaii. I think of Illinois as President Obama’s political starting point.

Just so we are clear about what liberals create, you might find this post interesting. I found it on this page under the title, “Illinois Predicted To Be 50th In Job Growth In 2014.” While it came out near the beginning of the year, the content is still quite relevant. Why didn’t this analysis by Moody’s Analytics receive more publicity?

You tell me.

Moody’s Analytics puts Illinois in dead last for job creation this year, predicting the state’s payroll job numbers will only grow 0.98 percent. That’s an increase of only 57,000 jobs.

Moody’s individual June 2013 report on Illinois says the state is “underperforming the lagging Midwest in most economic indicators, including employment.”

The report reaches the conclusion that the state’s recovery is “sputtering” and won’t reach pre-recession employment levels until 2015, a year after the rest of the nation.

This Moody’s report indicates how poorly Illinois has encouraged economic recovery and job growth.

The state has the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the nation, and spent most of last year with the second-highest rate. More than 565,000 Illinoisans are unemployed and 1 million are unemployed or underemployed.

And rather than changing course and enacting pro-growth reforms like other states continue to do, Illinois is following the same failed economic policies it always has. High taxes, burdensome regulations and massive spending and borrowing have left the state with the worst credit rating in the nation, more than $7 billion in unpaid bills and the worst pension crisis of any state.

The result: Illinois is being left behind as the rest of the nation improves. Already Illinois’ unemployment rate is 1.7 percentage points above the national average. If Illinois continues to stagnate, that disparity will continue to grow.

I am not sure that the disparity will keep growing. Once Illinois goes bankrupt and tries to get a bailout, it might pull all the other states down with it.