Obama’s SOTU: Same Old Lies, Plus Now He’s Kennedy

One thing about President Obama, he’s a living testimony to the importance of role models in a little boy’s fantasy life.

For most of the past year, Obama and his handlers have been comparing him to Abraham Lincoln, but as a young man’s fancies are apt to do, Obama’s aspirations have apparently moved on and he now imagines himself one day being John Kennedy.

Leading off his State of the Union address by paraphrasing Kennedy that “the Constitution makes us not rivals for power but partners for progress,” Obama, the most constitutionally challenged president in history, followed up with a series of lies, exaggerations and misrepresentations to convince all the dupes who voted for him that he’s still cool.

There was the usual appeal to class warfare to cover up his incompetence in failing to fix the economy for four years: We’re adding jobs, but too few people can get them; corporate profits are at record highs, but wages have barely budged; therefore, everyone should be rich, so let’s raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour.

Every month, the economy adds jobs, it’s true. The problem is it also eliminates jobs at two, three, even four times the rate. Job growth can’t even keep up with population growth. The handful of corporations seeing record profits have little to do with the small businesses and even large companies that are shutting there doors and leaving people unemployed. Wages have not “barely budged,” they’ve decreased since Obama’s been in office. His plan to raise the minimum wage is a job killer. If it was really such a great idea, why not make the minimum wage $100 per hour? Because even the hypocrite in chief couldn’t sell that economy buster.

His speech included a lot of the usual bluster about cooperation — which was a good chuckle coming from an executive who regularly goes around Congress to get his way.

Then there were a variety of phony accomplishments, like cutting $2.5 trillion from the budget (minus $1 trillion in nonmaterializing paper promises and $500 billion in accounting tricks), doubling the amount of energy from “green” sources (estimates put it at more like a 10 percent increase), decreasing health care costs (Obamacare is driving premiums up and employment down, which also entails more people having to spend more money on health care under the law) and providing “green” jobs (most of the alternative energy companies Obama has supported with taxpayer money have gone belly up).

A key part of the State of the Union was the list of ways the Obama Administration is threatening to expand its interference in Americans’ lives, with more executive orders on gun restrictions and gay rights, creation of government manufacturing “hubs,” more preschool programs, carbon regulations and government work programs.

On foreign policy, Obama assured us that al-Qaida is but a shadow of its former self, and he made no mentions of the attack on Benghazi that killed four Americans or the ensuing coverup he and his Administration have engaged in. Nor did he mention that he has dragged us to the brink of war with Russian and Iran over his “Arab Spring” ambitions in Syria. As for Iran’s impending nuclear statehood, Obama explained his plan for preventing such a global mistake: diplomacy. Of course. Why didn’t anyone else think of that?

Most of the speech, however, was devoted to Obama’s favorite hobby, destroying the Republican Party and ensuring that the Obamaphone crowd hates anyone who’s got more money than Obama gives them every month.

In summary, the State of the Union is what Obama has made it: pathetically weak.