Of Course, Black People Should Shoot Back!

Mashable treats a hashtag campaign to get black people to arm themselves as if it is controversial.

I guess this story is a sign of progress. But it contains such stupidity that it is hard to feel good about it. The article was posted at Mashable.com under the headline, “#WeWillShootBack wants black people to arm themselves in self-defense.”

If you’re afraid for your life, American citizens are told, call the police.

But Taurean Brown, the black man who popularized the hashtag #WeWillShootBack after the church massacre, doesn’t think black people always have that option. Brown said police killings of unarmed minorities — including Walter Scott, Freddie Gray and Michael Brown in the past year — happen far too often for him to trust them.

And if the state can’t protect black people, then Brown wants black people to protect themselves.

Um, what?

When Adam Lanza was slaughtering all those white children with amazing accuracy, how many lives did the cops save? Perhaps a large number but the point is they couldn’t save them all. There was no one on hand with a firearm to protect the children. The same thing is true of the Aurora, Colorado, mass shooting.

If you are afraid for your life then draw your weapon. The police won’t be there in time, no matter what ethnicity you are. (And, frankly, there are much worse stories than Michael Brown that deserve to be mentioned.)

The police killings happened in entirely different circumstances. They have nothing to do with anything and black people are simply ignoring how often similar things happen to white people. That doesn’t mean they are going to root for a mass shooter. More likely they will thank you for taking him out. The real issue is that the police cannot possibly get there in time.

“We’re often the first ones that are called upon to be nonviolent,” Brown, who lives in Durham, North Carolina, told Mashable. “I want to change the narrative to say that we have the right to defend ourselves, just like every human being.”

Absolutely true!

#WeWillShootBack has racked up more than 25,000 tweets since Wednesday’s murders, but it’s not the first time that phrase has been used.

We Will Shoot Back is the title of a recently published book by Akinyele Umoja, who heads Georgia State University’s department of African-American studies. In it, Umoja chronicles the armed resistance of black Mississippians in their struggle for freedom against intimidation and violence from their white counterparts.

But Brown said he isn’t advocating for the random shooting of white people.

“What I’m saying is we have a right to organize ourselves, and defend our humanity,” he explained. “We’re taking the power into our own hands, and not allowing another entity go do that for us.”

I’m a bit offended that the writer would even feel the need to worry that anyone would assume the black people exercising their Second-Amendment-acknowledged rights as human beings is promoting random violence and murder.

This is the sort of thing that was trotted out against Malcolm X but really doesn’t do him justice.

But maybe liberals hold onto such fears. It would explain why they are denying black people their Second Amendment rights in Illinois.

The fact is there has been a massive shift recently in the opinions of black people regarding the private ownership of firearms. African Americans are far more likely now to support the Second Amendment and see it as the key to staying safe.

We really are winning this one.