It’s Official: We Just Torture Parents Now

A mother left three small children in her car. So now she’s facing criminal charges: “cruelty to children.”

Makes sense right? Leaving a child in a car is a way to kill them. Any parent who would do such a thing must be horribly negligent. Such parents should be prosecuted as criminals in a civilized society.

Except this Rock Hill, South Carolina mother didn’t leave them in the heat. She left them in a running car with the air conditioning on.

But that is still evil. Someone might have come and kidnapped the children and stolen the car. Or the air conditioner might have failed. Or the car might have caught on fire. What if a meteor crashed into it? Anything we can imagine going wrong is fair game, it seems, to justify prosecuting a mother.

Except she didn’t leave them alone, either.

She left them with her sister-in-law. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the parent-torturers. Nickie Milem and her sister-in-law had been driving their vehicles with their kids. They had given them a play date at the park. Because Milem’s son injured his hand (I’m amazed they didn’t find reason to charge her for that) she wanted to go into a store and buy ointment. So, because the young children were asleep, she had her sister-in-law, parked next to the care, regularly check on them.

Not good enough.

From WCNC:

No, no we had air on, the cars was running. I was back and forth between the cars; I was out there with them. I could see both cars checking on all the kids, they were all sleeping,” said the sister-in-law, who didn’t want her name mentioned.

But a Food Lion employee didn’t agree with them and called police.

“They were saying someone could have run up and stolen the car, which we didn’t think about that I was back and forth between the cars looking in them and checking on them,” said the sister-in-law.

So, now she is charged with “cruelty” not only because of leaving them in an air conditioned care under the supervision of a caring adult relative, but also because, in the arrest, they found that one of the seatbelts had not been secured properly in the parked car.

Police are such a great help, aren’t they. They couldn’t just inform the mother of the problem they found with the seat belt and show her how to do it right. No, they have to arrest and charge her for her mistake.

Worse, these kinds of stories are happening elsewhere in the nation, getting full cooperation between an intrusive nanny local government, busybody bystanders, and a cheerleading media (though in this case I thought the media played a more neutral role, thankfully).

This is a national epidemic of hysteria and parent abuse. Now this woman is reduced to pretending her tormentors are sane and begging to keep her children.

After the fact, Milem says she understands the employee and officer’s opinion, but she would never leave her kids in harm.

“I took all kinds of precautions and I left the kids safely in the car. I left the kids safely with my sister-in-law ‘cause that’s all it is, I didn’t leave the kids alone,” said Milem.

Now she says she is praying DSS doesn’t take her kids or her go to jail, because she will never do it again.

“I definitely will not leave kids in car unless there’s an adult in the car specifically with them,” said Milem.

This is sick. A woman has done nothing wrong but she is forced to beg for mercy from a merciless, self-righteous, government. This country is sick.