OK For Cemeteries To Discriminate But Not OK For Christian Businesses

Ever since Barack Obama took office, our nation has seen a rash of discrimination cases filed against Christian business owners who in some fashion refuse to work with or take orders from homosexuals.

In New Mexico, Vanessa Wilcox, Christian owner of Elane Photography was ordered by a court of appeals to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony or pay a large fine for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

In Hawaii, Phyllis Young, Christian owner of Aloha Bed and Breakfast was charged with discrimination based on sexual orientation because she refused to rent a room to lesbian couple.

In Washington, Barronelle Stutzman, Christian owner of Arlene’s Flowers is facing charges of sexual discrimination because she turned down the request to provide flowers for a gay wedding.

These are just a few of the many similar cases of discrimination filed against Christians for standing up for their beliefs.  In all of these cases, Christian business owners desire to run their business according to their faith and what the Bible has to say on all facets of life.  However, when they do try to operate their businesses based upon their faith, more and more of them are being charged with discrimination.

Now we have a similar situation that is being handled completely opposite. Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the slain Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is trying to bury his nephew, but none of the cemeteries he has contacted have been willing to allow the terrorist to be buried in their cemetery.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want him buried in my cemetery or anywhere near any of my relatives, but does that give me the right to discriminate against him?  Being a Christian, I would not want to have to photograph a gay or lesbian wedding, provide flowers or cakes for any homosexual event and I wouldn’t want to have any couple, gay or not, living in sin under my roof.  But the law today is saying that if I refuse any of these people because of my Christian faith, that I am violating the law by discriminating against them.

So why aren’t the cemetery owners being charged with discrimination for refusing to all one of the nation’s most notorious terrorists to be buried in their land?  Aren’t they discriminating because of something they believe in?  Just as a Christian business owner believes that homosexuality is a sin and wrong, the cemetery owners believe that what Tamerlan did was a sin and wrong.  What’s the difference?

It’s because of the double standards we face in today’s society and courts.  It’s okay for others to discriminate because of what they believe, but it’s not okay for Christians to discriminate for what they believe.  It’s also okay for anyone, Muslim, gay, whomever, to discriminate against a Christian, but as soon as a Christian discriminates against them, here comes the lawsuit.  Bottom line, it’s okay to discriminate against a terrorist but it’s not okay for a Christian to turn one away.

Welcome to the new anti-Christian America.  Land of the oppressed and persecuted.