On Global Warming Millennials Are Skeptical

When it comes to global warming millennials tend to disbelieve the story.

I’ve mentioned before that Millennials are not quite as Liberal as the media is anxious for us to believe. They are resistant to Obamacare propaganda and tend to oppose abortion. They even vote Republican rather than Democrat sometimes.

So here is another piece of good news from the Daily Caller: on global warming, millennials are resistant to the propaganda.

A Harvard Public Opinion Project, reported by the Harvard Political Review,found that the “assumption that younger adults are more liberal when it comes to global warming does not hold up; if anything, they are even more skeptical.” Not only that, but young Americans are not very supportive of government efforts to regulate carbon dioxide.

The Harvard poll found that the “youngest survey respondents were more conservative than any other age group, with only 28 percent of 18 to 20-year-olds” agreeing that the government should do more to fight global warming. The survey also found that only “eight percent [of young people are] in strong agreement with that statement.”

“Not only are the newest voters less convinced of climate change as a reality; they are also less likely to support government funding of climate change solutions,” according to HPR.

Young Americans were also the least likely to agree with the statement that “[g]lobal warming is a proven fact and is mostly caused by emissions from cars and industrial facilities such as power plants.” An inconvenient fact that does not bode well for Democrats staking their legacy on environmental issues.

Why are young Americans so skeptical of global warming? The HPR does not speculate, but notes that President Barack Obama’s recent use of comedian Keegan-Michael Key to vent his frustrations on global warming might help get young people on his side on the issue.

In my opinion they are more skeptical of global warming because everything about big government has become less credible. Government lies are harder to believe than ever before. Only those who have fallen into the habit of believing the government are still able to do so. The young don’t see any reason to believe any government campaign.

That’s my theory for now.