On Illegals: Having Young Kids Doesn’t Negate A Criminal’s Crime

Most of the stories that any liberal media outlet reports as shameful and atrocious are stories that thinking citizens would read and fail to see why there is an outcry over the matter. Thoughtless citizens, however, like the writers at The Huffington Post, who let feelings rather than rationale dictate their beliefs, rend their garments in outrage over these news items.

One such item involves Tennessee Republican congressman Scott DesJarlais at a town-hall meeting with his constituents last week.

One of DesJarlais’s questions came from an 11-year-old girl (aww!) named Josie Molina. She stood up and told him, “I have papers, but I have a dad and he’s undocumented. What can I do so he can stay with me?”

Well, not ratting him out in public might be a good starting point, Josie.

Just do a Google search for “Josie Molina ‘I have papers’” and you’ll see some comically melodramatic headlines. The first three results are “Tennessee Republican tells girl her father has to be deported as tea party crowd cheers,” “GOP Rep to 11 Year Old: Your Dad’s Getting Deported,” and, my personal favorite, “Tea Party Goes Wild As Child’s Hopes Crushed.” Such bleeding hearts.

But DesJarlais’s response to Josie’s question was about as tactfully phrased as possible: “Thank you for being here and thank you for coming forward and speaking. This is a big intimidating crowd and [I] appreciate you coming forward and asking your question, but the answer still kinda remains the same: that we have laws, and we need to follow those laws and, you know, that’s where we’re at.”

“And we’re going to drown your pets,” he concluded. Okay, I added that last part, but given the hysteria of the aforementioned headlines, it does sound like something we’d expect DesJarlais to say.

HuffPo reports, “Molina’s father is currently facing deportation proceedings, and as a result, the 11-year-old is seeing a child psychologist to deal with the stress.”

“As a result of her father’s breaking the law,” I think they meant to say. See, when a man robs a liquor store and is subsequently arrested and imprisoned for it, it might be a little traumatic for his daughter, right? Well, do we then blame the police who arrested him, or do we blame the father for committing the crime in the first place? Whether he has kids or not is irrelevant.

This girl’s father broke the law and remains a criminal for every day that he resides in this country illegally. He is solely to blame, not the laws that he broke with the full understanding that he was breaking them. It’s quite entertaining that HuffPo and other liberal outlets have the exact same mindset as an 11-year-old.