Once Again ‘Trump Is Finished’ Means Trump Is Winning

Trump is winning despite doing and saying things that everyone claims should knock him out of the race.

I am not a Trump fan, but his ascendency is directly the fault of the Republican establishment. They created this opportunity for him and it is somewhat pleasant to watch them predicting his downfall while he demonstrates theirs.

Thus, the New York Daily News reported yesterday, “Donald Trump knocks Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker out of first place among Iowa Republicans: poll.” It reports the basic facts mentioned in my other post in which I quote a story from The Hill, but it shows us a weird form of reporting on those facts.

In the first place, the headline is somewhat misleading since it implies that Walker went to second place. But the story says otherwise:

Real estate magnate Donald Trump has knocked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker out of first place among Republicans in early voting Iowa, a new CNN/ORC poll showed Wednesday.

Trump romped to 22% support among likely Iowa caucus goers, followed by 14% backing for retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Walker trailing at 9%.

The survey, conducted Aug. 7 to 11 — following last week’s first televised GOP primary debate in Ohio — found two-thirds of Republicans likely to vote in the caucuses still undecided.

If you read just that for, you will think that Walker is in third place. But he’s not. The story continues:

Among the 34% who have picked a candidate or say they’re leaning toward one, 33% chose Trump, 14% picked Carson, and 11% chose former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who put in a notable performance at last week’s “undercard” debate for second-tier hopefuls.

Get that? Walker is trailing in fourth place behind three people who have never held office before.

Of course, the fact that two thirds are undecided means all this could change very quickly. But it is still interesting.

The New York Daily News goes on to claim that Trump is popular despite a series of problems.

Trump, who is using his own billions to bankroll his White House bid, has roared to the top of the polls since entering the race in mid-June, despite controversies over his remarks about immigration — not to mention the Cleveland debate itself.

I don’t want to promote Trump, but wouldn’t the most obvious deduction be that Trump is high in the polls because of and not “despite” these things?