No One Is Shocked at Ebola Security Theater

The Washington Times tells us what we already knew—that the TSA is merely performing Ebola security theater.

ebola garb

Since when is it news that TSA activities are totally ineffective, and a colossal waste of manpower, tax dollars, and everyone’s time?

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The Washington Post thought it was worth reporting confirmation of what we all already know: “These scientific studies show that airport Ebola screenings are largely ineffective.”

The debate over whether the Obama administration should ban flights from Ebola-stricken nations has been raging for weeks, fueled by fears of an outbreak in the United States and a lot of election-inspired finger pointing.

The Department of Homeland Security last week imposed new travel restrictions for anyone arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, requiring those passengers to come through one of five major U.S. airports in Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, New York and Virginia.

Those travelers now have to submit to temperature checks and questioning. But scientific studies published by the National Institutes of Health have shown that similar protocols were largely ineffective during an outbreak of Swine Flu in 2009, as Government Executive pointed out in an article last week.

A study of screenings at Australia’s Sydney Airport during the Swine Flu pandemic found that fever was detected in 5,845 passengers during the roughly two-month period covered by the analysis. Only three of those individuals ended up having the virus, which is known in the scientific community as H1N1.

Researchers determined that 45 patients who acquired the illness overseas would have “probably passed through the airport” during the roughly two-month period covered in the study. That means the screeners likely missed the vast majority of individuals who arrived at the facility with Swine Flu, despite grabbing thousands of travelers who showed signs of fever.

Bulletin: The Department of Homeland Security solely exists to violate the Constitutional rights of Americans, to provide labor unions with more cash, and to lock in another constituency who will vote Democrat in order to keep their useless, grossly overpaid positions. It has nothing to do with effectiveness or safety.