One Victim with No Handgun against Four Attackers with a Machete

Four Attackers and not one of them is in the hospital or the morgue with a gunshot wound! But the victim will probably have a hand amputated.

The Blaze reports on what should be called “a Michael Bloomberg dream scenario”: “18-Year-Old Bicycle Rider in Critical Condition with Skull Fracture, May Lose Hand After Late-Night Machete Attack.”

An 18-year-old bicycle rider was in critical condition and may lose a hand after four men used a machete to attack him in the street early Sunday, Los Angeles police said.

After the group exited a green, four-door sedan, they approached the bike rider about 12:35 a.m. and one assailant began hacking the victim with a machete, KTLA-TV reported.

The victim lost a lot of blood after getting wounded in the head and hand, Sgt. Melvin Gamble of the Los Angeles Police Department told KTLA. Doctors may need to amputate the injured hand, the station said, adding that the victim also suffered a fractured skull.

The victim was able to run a few blocks to the intersection of 11th and Burlington, the Los Angeles Times reported.

A KTLA reporter added on camera that the attackers took cash from the victim; the station said they also took the bike and fled the scene.

So let’s notice the obvious.

The victim was not armed with a handgun when confronted with the four attackers.

The police did not show up in time to protect him from the four attackers.

There may or may not be a law against carrying a machete in a vehicle (there probably is such a law in L.A.). But notice that it would have not protected the victim because there was no realistic way for the law to be enforced on the four attackers. People who are going to commit assaults have already decided to do their best to get away with breaking some important laws. A ban on a tool that will help them with their assaults is not going to dissuade them at that point. All it does is harass the rest of us and make us always more vulnerable.

There is no law that I know of that prohibits four people from hanging out together. Even without the machete, if four people can find a single person who is not able to get help, and who is disarmed, then they could easily beat him to death with their fists and feet. The four attackers, if they have the luxury of choosing their target, have a natural advantage in a society that has been disarmed by the government.

There is simply no way to get around it. By training us to be disarmed Liberals have created a dangerous and violent society.

Yes, if everyone could legally carry, then the four might still have tried to attack. And yes, four attackers with guns have a big advantage over a single victim who also has a gun. But the chance of one of the four attackers dying or being seriously injured is practically zero if their victim is unarmed. On the other hand, even with a great advantage, the chance of one of the four attackers being killed or seriously injured if their victim is armed is much greater.

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The logic of mass disarmament may reduce “gun violence” but it will increase violence and the violence will always tend to leave the attackers with loot and the victims in the hospital or the morgue. Widespread gun ownership gives criminals and would-be criminals reason to refrain from violence. It also provides a means for the swift removal of more criminals from society.

The logic of mass disarmament also leads to ever increasing numbers of prohibitions. As we can see above, banning guns means we must next ban blades of various lengths and then band people from being together. Gun control requires total people control.

I realize not everybody will be armed in a society whose government stops prohibiting guns. But the fact that no one knows who is armed and who is not would be a deterrent for all would-be attackers.