One Year Ago: New York Times Warned of End of Snow

Today journalists are preparing for a blizzard, last year they were telling us about the end of snow.

frozen al gore

Here is a post about (unintentional) humor post. It was published about one year ago in the New York Times. Maybe all of the Northeasterners who are so apoplectic about Global Warming… er, sorry… Climate Change… can sit and read this while they’re snowed in the next few days.

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Here is how the New York Times story ends:

With several dry winters back to back, the ski industry is waking up. Last spring, 108 ski resorts, along with 40 major companies, signed the Climate Declaration, urging federal policy makers to take action on climate change. A few weeks later, President Obama announced his Climate Action Plan, stating, “Mountain communities worry about what smaller snowpacks will mean for tourism — and then, families at the bottom of the mountains wonder what it will mean for their drinking water.”

It was a big step forward for skiers and the country. And it led people to ask me, “Why save skiing when there are more pressing consequences of climate change to worry about?” The answer is, this is not about skiing. It is about snow, a vital component of earth’s climate system and water cycle. When it disappears, what follows is a dangerous chain reaction of catastrophes like forest fires, drought, mountain pine beetle infestation, degraded river habitat, loss of hydroelectric power, dried-up aquifers and shifting weather patterns. Not to mention that more than a billion people around the world — including about 70 million in the western United States — rely on snowmelt for their fresh water supply.

I remember watching my first Winter Olympics in 1980. We were on a family ski trip at Copper Mountain in Colorado, where my brother and I skied the first powder run of our lives. It was on a gentle slope just off one of the main trails. We wiggled down the hill in chaotic rapture then skied the run again and again. The snow was soft and the turns effortless. You don’t have to be a skier to feel nostalgia for those whitewashed days — or to see the writing on the wall.

Oh, but now we’re told a big snow is a “definite evidence” of Climate Change.

Yeah, uh huh… It is nice when whatever happens is “proof” of your fantasies.

The End of Snow… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha bwa-hahahahahahaha.

Don’t freeze, friends.