Only 4% of Americans Think Gun Control Is The Most Important Issue

At Obama’s press conference where he lambasted all the senators who didn’t vote “for the children,” he kept referring to a statistic that he said proved why we needed more “sensible” gun legislation. He kept saying that 90% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks.

And therefore, we need to do what the vast majority of Americans want. If the majority wants to take money from wealthier citizens through higher taxes, then the government should enforce that. If the majority wants to restrict and regulate other citizens’ self-defense liberties, then the government should do as it’s told by the majority.

Well, if Obama is so concerned about opinion polls, then what about the Gallup poll that showed that only 4% of Americans think gun control is the most important issue today? Respondents were simply asked an open-ended question:  “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?” The top 3 answers were the economy, jobs and dissatisfaction with government.

Or, here’s another poll. Associated Press reported:

 “Perhaps helping explain Democrats’ problems, an AP-GfK poll this month showed that 49 percent of Americans support stricter gun laws. That was down from 58 percent who said so in January _ a month after the December killings of 20 children and six aides at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school propelled gun violence into a national issue. Just over half the public _ 52 percent _ expressed disapproval in the new survey of how President Barack Obama has handled gun laws. Weeks after the Newtown slayings, Obama made a call for near universal background checks the heart of his gun control plan.”

Besides the Boston bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, the things that are weighing on Americans’ minds right now are not assault weapon-related. In fact, a majority (according to the AP poll above) do not approve of what Obama’s done so far with gun control.

People’s concerns are more economy-related. They’re concerned with how they’re going to put food on their table if they can’t find a good job or a better one. They’re concerned about rising gas and food prices. They’re concerned about upcoming mandates and government’s increasing intrusions into their lives. They’re frustrated that their government is a bungling, bureaucratic mess whose officials only pay lip service to the idea of supporting the Constitution, and are really only concerned with maintaining and/or acquiring more power for themselves.

And Obama was the one during the press conference accusing the senators who voted down the gun bill of “playing politics.” The only thing Obama knows how to do in the context of the Presidency is play politics. But, as evidenced by the gun bill’s defeat, he didn’t play the game quite well enough this time.