Only Christians Can Discriminate; Others are Free

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission has ruled that homosexual bakers are free to refuse service; only Christians can discriminate according to the law.

From Yahoo Politics: “Azucar Bakery did not discriminate by refusing to make anti-gay cakes: Colorado.”

The American Civil Liberties Union stepped in to represent the gay couple after they filed a discrimination complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which concluded that Craig and Mullins had in fact suffered discrimination. Phillips is appealing the ruling. 

Mark Silverstein, legal director of the ACLU in Colorado, says Jack cited the same legislation, which forbids discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, religion or sex, to rail against Azucar Bakery.

“This man tried to claim he also experienced a violation of the public accommodations statute but he was not discriminated against because he’s Christian,” he said in an interview with Yahoo News. “They had a policy that they apply across the board; they are not going to make a cake with such offensive, over-the-top language or images.”

So, let me get this straight: A baker can—based on nothing more than a personal preference—legally decide a Bible verse is “offensive, over-the-top language,” and refuse to do business with a customer, but another baker cannot refuse business connected to something God says is offensive and deserving of eternal condemnation.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Not!

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

To be clear: I support a baker’s right to refuse business that violates his or her conscience, period.

(If I were a baker I would likely have refused to bake Bill Jack’s cake since it was a clear stunt, and not at all helpful, or in line with the Gospel. And I know Bill Jack. I’ve interviewed Bill Jack. I like Bill Jack. I understand his point, but I still would have refused.)

The problem is not what happened with Azucar Bakery, but what’s happened to others. The lack of equal-justice and consistency is staggering.