‘Ooh La’ Is French for ‘Oy Gevalt, Obama!’

The more President Obama goes out in public in foreign lands, the more he reminds me of a cartoon caricature.

I haven’t quite pinned down which one, yet. I’m thinking some sort of cross between Mr. Magoo and Prince John the thumb-sucking lion from Disney’s animated “Robin Hood.”

I’ll keep working on it. …

Point is, the guy just gets more ridiculous the more he tries to assert how “cool” and in charge he is.

His latest outing is a case in point. I’m assuming you’ve all seen the workout video?

Just in case you missed it, apparently Obama took some time to hit the gym at the Polish hotel where he was staying. In retrospect, the Secret Service should have cleared the gym first, but it didn’t. In failing to do so, it unwittingly provided what will go down in history as a classic bit of physical comedy as someone with a cell phone surreptitiously taped the leader of the free world … well, doing whatever the hell he thought he was doing.

Obama Workout

That understandably led to a lot of criticism, both for the Secret Service and for the president who, let’s face it, has once again embarrassed the snot out of America. One of the best reactions was a video made in response by the good folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Putincize Workout

Then he went to France for D-Day memorial ceremonies. It was a solemn occasion in which dignitaries and common people came from all over to pay homage to the thousands of brave men who gave their lives to turn the tide of World War II against an implacable foe that was bent on conquering the civilized world.

Naturally, our president wanted to show his respect for the memories of these brave heroes, for the people they saved and for courage and noble acts that took place all those decades ago.

So he sticks a wad of gum in his mouth and starts chewing it.

And keeps chewing it.

And chews it some more.

This was some long-lasting gum, and he was going at it like a dog with a serious case of crotch rash.

Mmm, chewy.

His preoccupation during the commemoration of the reoccupation did not go unnoticed by the French on whose land he eventually must have spat his gum.

So they did what 21st-century folks do and took to Le Twitter.

“Barack Obama and his chewing gum disgust me. What a lack of respect; it’s revolting,” wrote Alexandre, albeit in French.

“Obama and his chewing gun: American class!” tweeted cheese-eating surrender monkey Clement Perrot. (You made me go there, dude.)

Ocho Cinco (who I suspect isn’t really French) tweeted, “My mother told me to ‘tweet to Obama and tell him that it’s a lack of manners to chew gum during a ceremony.'”

Seriously, five and a half years of Mr. “I’m Gonna Fix America’s Reputation” and all we have to show for it is that we’ve ticked off Israel, Vladimir Putin and now Ocho Cinco’s mom?

Commented Twitteuse Laurie: “Barack Obama with his chewing gum; he respects nothing. He’s funny, this guy!”

Take my word for it, Laurie, it would be a lot funnier if he wasn’t ours.