Open Letter To Ankeny Police Department From A Political Outcast Reader

I received an email yesterday afternoon regarding Bob Allen’s post on a police raid. I want to share it (withholding the name and email) because I think it shows a commendable tactic.

Subject: Iowa police raid

Message Body:

I saw this this morning. (Click on link and watch appalling video)

After I saw this video, I sent some personal individual emails to the ranking 15 officers of The Ankeny Police Department.

It read as follows.

I remember when The National Guard of Ohio was ordered onto the campus of Kent State University to quell some student protests. Once there, they raised their high powered rifles to their shoulders and shot and killed some unarmed college kids.

When confronted with this atrocity, the National Guardsmen had the same reply that we heard from the Nazis. “We were just following orders”

Under the orders of Barack Obama’s Attorney General, (Eric Holder) the TSA, and the EPA currently have SWAT teams prepared to bust into your house to see if you’re complying with their regulations? (Yes they do! It’s already been done. See below link)

And again, just like the NAZIS……when they’re called on the carpet, they will recite the same lame excuse the Nazis used. “Just following orders.”

So what to do? It’s time for you guys to have a department meeting.

Speak up.

Don’t let the Ankeny Police Department sink to the level of a “Just following orders” mentality.

When department underlings are asked by their superiors to engage in the ugly behavior that is currently being showcased by the Ankeny Police Department on the Internet, they should place their badges and handguns on the Captain’s desk and say: “We’re Americans first.  We’re not going to do this to our fellow Americans. We are NOT Nazis. “

(And that my friend is exactly what the department looked like this time around)


For credit card fraud?

I think this is a great approach because one of our best hopes is the police themselves. They aren’t all bad (yet?) and there are probably many that are trying to figure out what to do about what is happening before their eyes. Both pressuring them to do the right thing and letting them know that they have the support of the people to do the right thing might make a big difference.

The same applies to public school teachers or federal employees. You never know when someone might see the difference between what he is supposed to do and what is right and best for the country. We have to keep trying to reach as many as we can.