Open Letter To The Welfare Cage: Dear Lucy, Nothing From THEM Is Ever Free

Dear Lucy, I have no idea if you will read this but I hope you do. A friend of mine posted your call in to KLBJ.

I am writing this because you asked a question that I don’t believe ever got answered.

You asked, if I were offered a million dollars, would I walk away from it. You’re getting free money, you argued, so there is no reason you should you walk away from it.

I was surprised neither of the radio hosts asked you about whether or not it matters where the money comes from. There was no discussion about the difference between receiving a gift from the proper owner and getting stolen goods.

But that’s not why I’m writing. That’s not the answer I felt was missing in response to your question.

To answer your question: I would walk away from a million dollars if there were strings attached.

I would gladly accept such a gift and immediately use it to start a business, go to school, or send my kids to a good school. Or I would save it as an emergency/retirement fund and keep working. But if that money was only given on the condition that I simply spend it to live in a dinky home, not work, and get high all day—I would recognize it as toxic. I would recognize the giver as a killer.

You should do your best to walk away from the money because it is really poison to you, your huband, and your children. It is killing you. You are cooperating in your own sacrifice for the sake of some very powerful, rich, and evil people.

Your reference to sitting around getting high all day is a hint as to how you are being degraded and destroyed. I’m not saying that marijuana use by itself is always fatal. That’s not my point. My point is that sloth is fatal. You are becoming a warped version of a human being. You are meant to be productive and inventive and most of that has been sucked from you. Eventually it will all be gone forever.

You are obviously intelligent and articulate. And yet you’ve been warehoused by the government.

By the way, it doesn’t bother me at all that I am working several jobs and paying taxes “to support you.” My taxes don’t support you. Debt supports you. The whole scheme goes to profit the one percent. Taxes are essentially for paying interest on a debt and spend scam.

Remember, no one is giving you that money because they care about you. You’re just a state hostage so that politicians can shame us for wanting to end “welfare.” You are the moral equivalent of a “civilian human shield” like when a rogue government tries to prevent a US air assault by staying in a crowded area filled with innocent people. The US federal and state governments are like those scandalous “charities” that uses pictures of starving babies to get people to give them money, when only a tiny fraction of the revenue goes to the cause. Those people in need are not the reason the company collects donations. The lifestyle of the CEO and a few others is the reason for that. The needy are just the business model. Government is worse because it demands revenue at gunpoint, but it is still using you and your children in a similar way.

Even if I was paying directly for your housing and marijuana indulgences, the fact is I and my family have the better end of the deal. I wouldn’t trade places with you for anything in the world.

And you know it can’t last. You have children. They will have children. Eventually the money, or the debt, will come to an end. The cracks are already showing. What happens to your kids and you when the crisis hits?

My guess is that eventually the whole welfare population will be swept up and chained to factories. Maybe they’ll be permitted to get high for a couple of hours in their cells after their twelve-hour work day. But I’m just guessing.

Whatever is planned for them when the crisis hits, I doubt they will be able to resist. The time to learn to fight against the odds and struggle is now, every day, in every small hassle. Or else you learn to comply.

You speak of people like me “preaching morality.” I’m sorry you view it that way. I think God made you great and wants you to be greater. He made you to be a ruler, not a slave. He wants you to take dominion over your part of the world.

Instead, you’ve accepted a jail cell because, for now, it is comfortable and easy.

I said there are strings attached, but that isn’t string. More like barbed wire.

And it is tightly wrapped around your mind and soul.