Our Government Wants to be the Only Alpha Male in Society

Chris Mintz was an alpha male in a culture of government-approved and government-made betas.

The Federalist reports on some new information describing the bravery of real life action hero Chris Mintz: “Chris Mintz Defies The Age Of The Beta Male.”

Among the survivors of the mass shooting at an Oregon community college last week is one man whose heroic actions have gained national attention. Chris Mintz, a 30-year-old former Army infantryman, was shot five times while attempting to protect his fellow students.

According to one eyewitness, when the shooting began Mintz ran into the school library, pulling fire alarms and warning others to get out. He then ran back toward the building where the shooter was and tried to barricade a classroom door. He was shot three times through the door. When the gunman entered, Mintz, wounded and lying on the floor, tried to reason with him. “It’s my son’s birthday, don’t do this,” he said. The gunman shot him two more times and moved on.

Mintz was hit in the upper back, abdomen, left hand, and upper and lower leg. Both his legs were broken in the attack. His family has said he’ll have to learn to walk again. The media have hailed Mintz as a hero, and by all accounts he is. The day after the shooting, he told ABC News, “I just hope that everyone else is okay.”

A man takes proactive action with more concern about others than himself. Mintz is a model hero. As the headline indicates, he is also an alpha male in a world of betas.

Too often these days we hear about weak modern men, so-called beta males who are unwilling to risk their safety on another’s behalf. The embodiment of this new archetype was the man who did nothing as a man stabbed another man to death with a pocket knife on a crowded Washington DC, subway car the afternoon of July 4, and then took to Reddit to justify his cowardice.

I don’t know if I would be cowardly or courageous in certain circumstances. We will have to see how I deal with such a test if God sends one my way. I do know I would be ashamed of cowardice. We have a true failure of men if no one cares about courage any more.

But what kind of male does the government want?

It is pretty obvious that they want men who will follow directions, expect others to help them, and not be independent of authority. They want the kind of man who would, for example, dutifully apologize to a public school for not having the proper paperwork filled out so that the administrators let his daughter cough until she pukes rather than allowing her to use her inhaler (the father was not so compliant; it is just obvious that “school authorities” want him to be).

Of course, a beta male will also claim to be “a rebel” and refuse to follow “the rules.” But that always means refusing to accept responsibility and demand that the government aid him so that he doesn’t have to work so hard of be deprived of what he wants.

But real men take responsibility and go without in order to provide for others. Let Mintz remind you what a man should be like.