Oversensitive Korean Woman, “Ching Chong,” Sues CVS for Being Mean

An oversensitive Korean woman is “horrified” that she was called an Asian name by an employee at a CVS Pharmacy. The employee used “Ching Chong” as a placeholder for the woman’s real first name, Hyun. Hungry for money, and having learned from liberal Americans that it’s okay to sue for any reason you can pull out of your butt, Hyun Lee–yes, her last name is the stereotypical Korean last name–is suing the pharmacy.

“Honestly, I’m just horrified by this whole thing,” Lee feigned. Oh, the horror!

Lee hired a smart attorney who devised the winning strategy of claiming that “Ching Chong is a very pejorative, racial slur meant for Asians.”

Uh-oh. Best not tell that to Ching L. Chong, who resides in Roslyn, New York, just to the north of Hyun Lee’s New Jersey. And definitely don’t notify Ching P. Chong of Los Altos, CA, or Ching M. Chong of Santa Maria, CA, or Ching W. Chong of Fremont, CA, or Ching H. Chong of San Francisco, CA, or the two Ching Y. Chongs of Torrance, CA, and Novato, CA, respectively. [Whitepages.com search results.]

“[Lee] was very distressed,” said Lee’s lawyer.

Maybe these numerous Ching Chongs can sue Lee’s lawyer for the “distress” caused by someone saying their names are insulting.

A statement from CVS said:

“CVS/Pharmacy is committed to treating all of our customers with dignity and respect and we have a firm non-discrimination policy.”

Wait, was Hyun Lee discriminated against? Is name-calling discrimination? No and no.

The statement continues:

“We take this matter very seriously as the allegations in the complaint describe behavior that is unacceptable and not in keeping with our values or our policies.”

They also say they will send the employee to a re-education camp (counseling and sensitivity training) until he accepts their way of thinking.

Don’t take it seriously, CVS! That’s the problem. The more we allow people to claim discrimination for simply being offended, the hungrier that beast of liberal greed and oversensitivity becomes. The employee should be fired for giving the company unwanted publicity, but CVS should not cater to fascist babies who want to sue simply because someone was mean to her (and in about as passive a way as it gets). Hyun Lee acts as if she’s in first grade, tattling to the teacher, “Teacher, teacher, Sally won’t be my friend!”

Sensitivity training serves no purpose at all. The people who attend do not genuinely change their opinions (and that’s their right). If a racist works at a store, calls a customer of a particular race some name that society has arbitrarily assigned the label “bad,” and is subsequently sent to sensitivity training, he’s not coming out of there a non-racist. He will still be a racist; it’s just that he will now know not to flaunt it unless he wants to get fired.

So just fire the employee, CVS, and don’t let these bullies—I’m referring to Hyun Lee here—walk all over you unless you want to encourage more people to tattle to the teacher.