“Paid Sick Leave” Makes Sense to Liberals, But Costs All of Us Dollars

Katrina vanden Heuvel, journalistic diva for “The Nation,” is now backing her cause du jour “Paid Sick Leave” for the gender equality crowd. Apparently gender equality has now morphed into a kind of pro-family freedom thing with liberal standards that could include two guys in drag. After all the LGBT community needs paid sick leave too, right? You gotta love New York Aristocracy.

According to Ms. vanden Heuval (daughter to the heiress and author Jean Stein and William vanden Heuval a former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N under Carter) legislating “paid sick leave” for all is a “pro-family policy that we should be able to take for granted in a civilized democracy. By averting senseless firings, it reduces unemployment. By letting sick people stay home, it advances public health.” Oh brother, remind me never to send my kids to Princeton.

For me, it’s always a strain to try to find a point in any liberal message. Try as I may, it’s like listening to an old Irish farmer’s directions without the humorously sarcastic punch line.  However, Ms. vanden Heuval is championing the social benefits of paid sick leave for working moms and other low paid workers so that they don’t get fired and lose their kids to CPS. I’m not kidding. Apparently, single moms all over America are having a hard time finding replacement jobs in an Obama economy and Katrina believes we have a moral obligation to pay them to stay home when their children have the sniffles or they are cramping or something.

I don’t know about you or Ms. Journalista Hogwash, but I can’t afford a $30 Hamburger and a $15 beer. I have a hard enough time filling the 27 gallon tank on my pick up to go to work. What is liberal America thinking? Don’t they understand that increases in labor costs increase consumer prices?

And as far as the public health threat posed by sick workers; where was “Katrina the Magnificent” during the illegal immigration debate? Perhaps somebody should tell her that since we opened the immigration floodgates eating in many food establishments might come with an unwanted side order of tuberculosis or an antibiotic resistant strain of influenza. How does that fare in advancing public health Ms. vanden Heuval?

Liberal causes have done more to destroy working women and our American families then an army of Turks did to the female population of Constantinople. Federal labor laws, especially laws mandating insurance coverage, have transformed real paying full time jobs into a part time low paying soon to be outsourced vacuum. And now we need to legislate paid mandatory sick days? Hey Katrina women have higher unemployment then men under you left wing fantasies. So how does someone get sick leave when they don’t have a job?

As an example of the pressing need for paid sick leave and progress in women’s equality in the workplace, “The Nation” columnists points out Yahoo’s new pregnant CEO Marissa Mayer. So if I (your typical caveman) understand this right, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen bad, but pregnant in heels in the board room good (especially since you get to take your paid maternity leave and come back to work). Oh brother.

I have news from the Brotherhood of Misogyny in Texas. If a woman wants a family she can afford to raise, she should marry the right guy and get pregnant when you have the time and money to raise your child. Don’t ask the tax payer or your employers to tweak your life when you’re so called pro- family goals fail you. We can’t afford it anymore. And as far as the guys in drag you’re hanging out with; ask them for a little help with the childcare. We can’t afford that either!