Pants on Fire: Lies Abound Around Hillary’s Emails

There are so many pants on fire in Washington, D.C., this week, it’s a wonder the place hasn’t just gone supernova and taken the Eastern Seaboard with it.


That’s because of all the lying about Hillary Clinton’s private email account.

First, to hear anyone in Washington tell it, Clinton never once in her entire tenure as secretary of state sent anybody an email.

That included her boss, President Obama, and his boss, Morgan LeFay, er, Valerie Jarrett.

Asked if she had ever received an email from Clinton, Jarrett replied, “I actually did not. No, I did not receive an email from Hillary Clinton.” Jarrett, looking like she was enjoying twisting the knife, then said she didn’t know of anyone at the White House receiving an email from Clinton.

Obama, during a TV interview on March 7, said he first heard about Clinton’s private email address from news reports.

Two days later, after somebody realized that a president not talking to his secretary of state sounded worse than a president not noticing an email address, White House spokescreature Josh Earnest reassured America that the president and Clinton did email each other, but Obama just wasn’t cognizant of the details about Clinton’s private basement server.

On Tuesday, Clinton herself weighed in, saying that she used the private server for convenience of being able to check personal and business emails on one phone. She stressed that she didn’t want to carry two devices.

However, it was at an event on February 24 that Clinton said she carried two electronic mobile devices, an iPhone and a Blackberry.

Then she said she deleted some 30,000 personal emails, including emails to and from her husband, President Bill Clinton. In fact, she said, the server was originally set up for President Clinton.

While that press conference was going on, the Wall Street Journal was reporting that President Clinton does not use email. According to the WSJ: “The former president, who does regularly use Twitter, has sent a grand total of two emails during his entire life, both as president, says Matt McKenna, his spokesman. After leaving office, Mr. Clinton established his own domain that staff use — But Mr. Clinton still doesn’t use email himself, Mr. McKenna said.”

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Apparently, rumors of President Clinton and Hillary aide Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, trading selfies and photos of interns via email, while not entirely improbable, are not true.

In the past few days, it’s been reported that Hillary isn’t the only Obama Administration Cabinet member with a private email fetish. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder apparently had three separate IDs, although his were on a government server. “Henry Yearwood” was one of the IDs, the Huffington Post reported. It was unclear if “IBurnedFerguson” was one of his.

Members of Congress who had investigated Holder for assorted, ahem, “misunderstandings” said that his email address was always blacked out on DOJ documents, so they dunno nuthin’. However, DOJ officials swore up and down on a stack of Korans that the sundry email identities had never ever prevented Congress from receiving subpoenaed documents, including those subpoenaed Fast and Furious documents that never showed up until after the presidential re-election, and then only in redacted form.

A little lower on the totem pole, former EPA chief Lisa Jackson got in hot water for using an email alias to keep documents from being found in Freedom of Information Act requests.

Private emails and email aliases appear to be all the rage.

Thankfully, congressional officials have reassured America that there is no truth to the rumor that Nancy Pelosi has been using the ID “[email protected]