Parents Not Allowed On Their Kids’ Prison Bus

The parents didn’t respond right. They sound like they are, emotionally, not too far from the bullies they (though they?) were confronting. But something really bothers me about the way the authorities responded.

From the Fox News Website:

Two parents were arrested and charged after police say they unlawfully entered a school bus and threatened children when their son told them he was being bullied.

Christina and Christopher Gring allegedly got on their bus after their son came to them crying, and began yelling and cursing at the other children,

“I was crying because I was worried and I was like I don’t know what happened. I didn’t do anything,” an 8-year-old student told

“They started yelling curse words at us and yelling to tell them what happened,” the student said.

A spokesperson for the North Penn School District said an investigation found no reports of bullying involving the accused couple’s child.

Under no circumstances does NSPD ever want a parent boarding a bus or taking matters into their own hands,” a district statement read.

The parents admitted that they probably went overboard. I have no idea if the children were being bullied or not. Obviously the school might be biased or even covering up the problem. But maybe not. Maybe the children didn’t tell the whole story. My own memories of being on a school bus make it easy to imagine that they were bullied, but that’s not a real test.

Nor do I know if arrest was warranted. I have no idea how to figure that out. Was this the first time the parents had acted this way. That’s not something I can judge from the story.

Whether or not they should have been arrested, it seems obvious from what I can get in this news story that their behavior was wrong, foolish, and counter-productive.

But “unlawfully entering a school bus”?

“Under no circumstances does NSPD ever want a parent boarding a bus”?

You have my children and I am not permitted to go to them. In this case, the children were not on the bus when the parents got on board, but the statements sound like it wouldn’t have mattered.

If I saw my child (or any child) being beaten up on the school bus, and I entered the bus to stop it, I could be arrested for a crime according to the quotations above.

America is a weird country. We claim to be free and yet we allow strangers to  come and take our children from our homes because they are going to “educate” our children, and then parents can get in trouble for going to where their children are.

I think, according to the normal use of the English language, that constitutes living in a totalitarian country, not a free one.