Pat Buchanan to GOP: Don’t Throw Away 2016 Over Iran

What has happened over Syria and Obama’s and Kerry’s attempt to bomb it was a real shocker. The Republicans listened to their constituents and refused to endorse the plan. Kerry tried to bluster his way through, but he couldn’t pull it off.

Back in 2000, George W Bush ran on a “humbler” foreign policy that rejected “nation-building.” Reprisal attacks after 9-11 were completely understandable and necessary, but nothing that happened made nation-building a workable plan. Yet that is what we have attempted, leaving Iraq a Shiite basket case (and natural ally to Iran) and getting entangled perpetually in Afghanistan. Obama famously approved of nation-building so much that he said it was time to do it in the homeland. He sounded like he was making a promise but by any rational interpretation of the English language he was making a threat. The fact that Obama brags on Libya as a worthwhile result is all you need to know.

I’ve recently linked to Pat Buchanan’s wise words on wanting or trying to stop the negotiations with Iran. Today he points to the real advantage that Republicans have, thanks to Obamacare. So why throw it away?

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll from Tuesday, by 44-22 Americans approve of the deal NATO, Russia and China cut with Tehran to freeze its nuclear program.

While two-thirds do not trust Iran when it says its program is not designed to build nuclear weapons, fully 65 percent believe “the United States should not become involved in any military action in the Middle East unless America is directly threatened.”

Only 21 percent disagree.

This is the nation that rose up last summer and told Obama it did not want to get involved in Syria’s civil war, and told Congress to deny Obama the authority to order air strikes — red line or no red line.

Even if the Iran deal collapses, 80 percent of Americans would favor a return to the sanctions regime and negotiations.

Only 20 percent would support military action against Iran.

In summary, while Americans do not trust Iran, they do not want war with Iran. They want to test Iran. On this issue, Obama is in sync with his countrymen.

Why, looking at these numbers, would Republicans return to Washington with a full-metal-jacket ,”axis-of-evil” attitude, with John McCain becoming again the face of the party?

Why would Republicans return to Washington and throw away the winning hand that is Obamacare? It is ravaging the president’s reputation for competence and his credibility, and calling into question the core philosophy of the Democratic Party — that Big Government is America’s salvation.

Why would Republicans return to the bellicosity that cost the party both Houses in 2006 and the White House in 2008?

Buchanan also makes a point that I think explains why Obama has suddenly started to do the right thing on Iran. He writes,

Would it not be playing into Obama’s hand to allow him to assume the role of statesman, who, with “all options on the table,” is willing to negotiate with an enemy rather than take us to war with him?

Would it not also explain Obama’s strategy? Rand Paul and other Republicans have called Obama on his drone strikes and his use of terrorists in Libya and Syria. The Left is getting edgy as well, especially due to the revelations about the NSA. That Nobel Peace Prize is looking really tarnished.

Obama is getting the Republicans to polish it for him.