Pat Buchanan: Republican Politicians Hate Republican Voters And The Media Applauds

The media/liberal (but I repeat myself) hysteria against the Republicans in Congress who are demanding that Obamacare be delayed a year are being treated as if they were evil. Yet all they are doing is (1) honoring the wishes of the voters who put them into office and (2) ignoring the wishes of Wall Street money or other people who are not in their district.

Here we have a situation where, for once, our government is not being completely run by an oligarchy. There are a sizable number of people in Congress who have decided they must honor their campaign promises to their constituents to fight Obamacare. And it is in that situation that the media and the Democrats who pretend to oppose oligarchy and support democracy become enraged and try to punish this substantive group in Congress for daring to fight for the people who voted for them.

Many Republicans have joined in the hatefest. They all pretend that the only way for Republicans to live is to betray their voters in favor of the President, the other politicians, and the Financial Elite. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, Pat Buchanan has shown evidence that these politicians may end up losing office.

In the early 1960s, when the postwar right rose to challenge JFK with Mr. Conservative, events and actions conspired to put Barry Goldwater in the worst hole of a Republican nominee in history…

The Republican liberals – Govs. Rockefeller, George Romney and William Scranton – to the cheers of the Washington press, began to attack Goldwater for “extremism” and failing to vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964…

One man stood by Goldwater. The two-time loser Richard Nixon, who had not won a race in his own right since 1950, campaigned for Goldwater and the party longer and harder than Barry himself.

And what became of them all?

Bill Scranton packed it in 1966. George Romney was trounced in 1968 by Nixon, with Goldwater’s legions at his side, in New Hampshire, and quit the race two weeks before the returns came in.

Rockefeller, who had spent a career calling Nixon a “loser,” lacked what it took to challenge Nixon in any of the contested primaries.

And, lest we forget, one other national Republican spoke up for Goldwater and conservatism in that 1964 humiliation, the retired Hollywood actor and impresario of GE Theater: Ronald Reagan.

Nixon and Reagan would go on to win four of the next five GOP nominations and presidential elections. In the one convention Reagan lost, 1976, the right, as the price of its support of Gerald R. Ford, demanded that Nelson Rockefeller be dumped as vice president.

Just to state explicitly what Buchanan shows us: there have always been Republicans who consider it their righteousness before God and man to hate Republican voters. If Republicans choose Barry Goldwater over Nelson Rockefeller then the Republican voters deserve to be betrayed. So it is today: they don’t just disagree with the voters who put these Congressmen in office; they actually despise these members of Congress for keeping faith with their voters. They think taking the money and betraying their districts is the virtuous path.

These “Republican” Republican-haters aren’t worthy to be in the same government with the Tea Party Republicans. I pray their political careers end quickly, and that the economic collapse happens soon enough to end their lobbying careers.