Pat Sajak Told the Sad Truth About the Global Warming Scam

So Pat Sajak tweeted about global warming.

I’m not sure exactly what to make of the “unpatriotic” bit (there are several options, in my opinion). But people are surprised by the description of them as “racist.”

Well, they need to deal with it because there is no way to honestly avoid the charge. Predominantly white civilization got to the industrial revolution first and enjoyed the benefits of a staggering improvement in the standard of living. Yes, to the extent that there were freed slaves and immigrants allowed in from the browner portions of the world, they got to share in our prosperity. But that is irrelevant to billions of them.

So now that we have reached an amazing point of wealth and luxury, when many in Africa and Asia are still looking forward to such development, we are suddenly using our wealth and power to try to cut them off.

Yeah, that’s racist. It is especially racist when your reason for stopping progress is obviously a lie.

And it means war on other countries that refuse to embrace our vision of their perpetual poverty and sickness. That’s why Congressman Pete DeFazio wants us to make China limit its manufacturing. That’s why John Kerry is traveling through the developing world to preach Climate Change, pushing more carbon into the atmosphere on his trip than the average American adds to the environment in two thirds of a year. That’s why, even in the midst of the Russian/Ukraine conflict, Kerry emphasized to State Department staff all over the world the importance to push the Global Warming scam.

Mother Jones gets points for acknowledging what Sajak was talking about. They gave him a one sentence response.

It isn’t really clear what Sajak means by “racist.” But perhaps he’s channeling a strain of conservative argument best epitomized by the book “Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death,” by Paul Driessen. According to, it argues that the environmental movement “imposes the views of mostly wealthy, comfortable Americans and Europeans on mostly poor, desperate Africans, Asians and Latin Americans.”

Of course, the reality of the situation is that those who will be most impacted by the extremes of climate change are the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.

Of course! After all, once you’ve linked to a statement by the President of the World Bank, then all debate ends. Of course, no one would ever think he might have a political or economic reason to make false statements about the reality of the situation. No, our international banking system has nothing but the best interests of the poor in their pure and trustworthy hearts.

The Global Warming international agenda is simply the latest cover for imperialism and eugenics. People who refuse to admit this are the real “denialists.”