Paul Ryan Claims We Must Have “Immigration Reform” To Fill All Those Vacant Jobs!

In a way, I could agree with Paul Ryan that reforming our immigration laws “is a matter of when, not if.” But that would mean we do it when we have Republican ownership of both the House and the Senate, or when we own both of them as well as the Presidency. But the very fact that Ryan keeps pushing, even when others in Congress tell him no, makes it look like he must want it sooner than that. He actually wants the Senate’s plan—the bloated, big-government, big-business piece of crony capitalism.

But, once again, we find the most bizarre explanation of why we “must” go down this road. From

Ryan called the nation’s immigration laws “chief” among the problems that are curbing economic growth. Noting the rate of retirement among baby boomers, Ryan said reforming the immigration system is necessary to fill future jobs.

“Please know that we understand the value of immigration,” Ryan told the crowd. “We know its importance; we know its roots, its history here in America; and we have ideas on how to make this go forward and make it work so that we do have the rule of law, so that we do have reform, so that we’re not in the same position 15 years down the road.”

Is he serious? If anything, the rate of retirement among baby boomers has sped up as a way of laying people off without admitting that you are laying them off. The accelerating rate of retirement isn’t hurting the economy; the hurting economy is producing earlier retirements.

How can we have such a horribly low labor participation rate and yet have Ryan campaign for increased immigration on the grounds that there are so many jobs that need to be filled? It makes no sense!

If Ryan is right, then he should wait until wages start rising with more demand for workers. He should push immigration reform when we are all confident that we are in a prosperous economy.

And yet no one ever points out these obvious contradictions in the media. They seem committed to pretending that this insane garbage makes some kind of sense in the hope that the rest of us will follow their public example.

I need a better reason than that.