Paul Ryan Favors An Internet Sales Tax

Remind me again why we nominated Mitt Romney to run against Obama? Oh yeah, because the media told us he was the most “electable.” And Paul Ryan was used to “energize” the base. He’s young and handsome, and came across very “vice presidentially.”

Who cares what he or Romney believed. This isn’t about principles. It’s about appearances. Our football culture treats politics like a game. That’s all presidential elections are to people. They’re just games, and voters cheer on their respective teams.

The young conservative who was supposed to energize the Republican base isn’t conservative. No surprise there. Anybody who thinks the two major parties are separated by a vast chasm of difference isn’t paying attention. No, I’m not saying we need a third party. What we need is a second party, to quote a certain former congressman from Texas.

Paul Ryan was quoted recently as saying that although he doesn’t support the current Senate bill that seeks to impose an internet sales tax on online retailers, he supports the concept of an internet sales tax. He just wants to make sure this tax is imposed the “right way”:

 “I think the concept is right. It’s got to be done the right way. I think the legitimate concern is can it be used to do other forms of taxation or retroactive taxation? You have got to make sure it doesn’t do that. I don’t think the Senate bill is written in a tight enough way to do that. So I’d like to think there’s a way to address this inequity without giving the government power to expand taxing authority beyond that intent. You’ve got to do it the right way.”

 He said that it’s unfair for online retailers to be exempt from sales taxes when brick-and-mortar retailers have to pay them. So, in an attempt to “level the playing field,” we should impose internet sales taxes on online businesses.

But isn’t this sort of talk identical to what the liberals were spouting off about taxing the rich? It’s not fair that lower and middle income people have to pay x percent in taxes while the rich get off scot-free. So, we have to “level the playing field” and impose higher taxes on the rich and make sure they can’t take advantage of deductions and tax “loopholes.”

We shouldn’t ever solve the problem of unfair taxation by imposing more taxes to “balance” everything out. The only solution we should implement is to cut taxes. We have so many taxes and laws already that the only thing lawmakers should be doing is repealing bad laws and rolling back taxes to give people more of their own money back.

I had a friend who was a Georgia state representative. He told me one time that he actually preferred the Democrats, because at least they’re open and honest about their socialist leanings. The Republicans, on the other hand, lie and tell their voters that they’re conservatives when they’re really socialists at heart.

When these are our choices, it’s no wonder so many people vote for the “unelectable” candidates.