Pelosi: Benghazi is the fault of the Republicans

When Mitt Romney pointed out how the killing of our Libyan Ambassador and other diplomats in Benghazi showed that Obama’s Middle East strategy (if he has one) is not working, the media acted like he had committed an unforgiveable rudeness. Making statements about American policy in the Middle East, after we saw that policy fail, was treated some kind of unethical behavior.

Now it looks like the White House and State Department were actually warned of a terrorist threat to Americans in Libya, and the consulate actually requested increased security.

Despite two explosions and dozens of other security threats, U.S. officials in Washington turned down repeated pleas from American diplomats in Libya to increase security at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi where the U.S. ambassador was killed…

The mainstream media is treating this like a Republican strategy rather than a real news story. But even CNN has published reports that support the credibility of the claims, such as a story published on September 17:

Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.

Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi took it a step farther on CNN. When talking to Wolf Blitzer, she said killings were the fault of House Republicans: “It’s also important to note that the Republican appropriation Congress gave the administration $300 million less than it asked for the State Department, including funding for security.”

This insane accusation cannot stand any kind of objective scrutiny. Administrations routinely “high-ball” their requests so that Congress can come in lower and still given them money. There is no evidence that Pelosi’s alleged missing millions prevented security from being beefed up—nor has anyone ventured such an accusation until Pelosi made it up on CNN. Security was not increased because someone decided not to increase it.

In fact, according to, the White House had suggested cutting $129 million of the present budget from “embassy security, construction, and maintenance.”

So where is the media outrage at Pelosi’s transparent ploy to deflect attention away from the president’s policies in an election year, using the death of our diplomats to do it? Not only did she make such an outrageous suggestion, but she did so in a face to face interview with a mainstream TV interviewer. That tells us she had perfect confidence that, whether or not she was able to convince anyone, she would suffer no consequences.

Only Romney gets punished for speaking; Pelosi gets a free ride.